Day 22 in Villisca

Today was not an exciting day. We got up late, had lunch, then dad came over and we took a trip to Red Oak to go to True Value to buy some stain sealant for the kitchen ceiling to stop the water spots bleeding through. We could have used the oil primer we already had but then we’d have to sand the ceiling and we decided no on that. While we were in Red Oak we saw an interesting thing.



It’s blurry but it’s a mailbox. A real mailbox. Why is this an amazing thing? Because I haven’t seen one of these in years! I thought they were all gone.
Also of interest was some cool tiles at McDonald’s.



The rainbow iridescence didn’t come off well but they were pretty.
I mentioned McDonald’s but it wasn’t for me. We got the brother two cheeseburgers because he’s been jonesing for them. I was happy with the shortcake from hy-vee.



Dad also bought us some Fiji water.



It tasted like….. Water.
After that we got some work done. The laundry room is done except the floor.







And we started painting the medicine cabinet. Here’s the before shot.



But I haven’t taken an after shot yet, so imagine it white.
Neat, huh?
We also met some nice people who live down the street. They stopped and said hello to us. They’ve lived here for a year. Now to try to remember their names…
It’s trash night tonight, so we put the bags out and noticed that the neighbors down the way were stacking furniture in with their trash. Like a couple of chairs, a really cool old record player stand, a headboard, and some other stuff. So we waited till dark and raided it, Lol! It was actually quite amusing at the time as we sneaked around like fat, noisy burglars in noisy flip flops ( or at least I was. The brother wears boots) . Hubby is appalled by this but I don’t see the point of it going to the trash when there’s nothing wrong with it and we need a chair here. ( we have one charge and a cooler for furniture Lol!)
And that’s my exciting evening. Tomorrow we have to finish priming the bathroom and seal the ceiling. Yay.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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One response to “Day 22 in Villisca”

  1. ccbn213 says :

    The laundry room really looks great! Do you have an outside shot of the entire house? I’d love to see it.

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