Day 23 in Villisca

Today was a long day. Or at least it felt long. Though the cucumber mystery was solved. Suzy, our neighbor across the street, caught us to ask if we’d found them. She got them from another lady and just had too many so she shared. We told her thanks, of course. Suzy is so nice. I’m going to have to make her a cake once we get settled in a bit and the kitchen is useable.

I also did some online shopping today. I got paid by Smashwords (yay!) so I bought some floor tile for the upstairs bathroom:


and some small tiles for the backsplash in the kitchen and behind the stove:


I know I already bought some for the upstairs bathroom, but we have since decided to use it in the entryway, so….and yes, we were going to use white tiles in the kitchen, but they are more expensive, so this is a place holder until we get the $$ for those.

Anyway, I started out the day working in the garage – actually I spent most of my day out there – painting and such. I started on the little kitchen shelves (there’s this weird built in shelving nook  – you can see it here on the right – it’s too small to be useful, but I don’t want to mess with removing it, soooo) and when I sanded them the paint just started sloughing off:

someone did not sand before they painted!

someone did not sand before they painted!

But I got them cleaned finally and started painting:

Yes, red!

Yes, red!

And, I actually got the downstairs bathroom medicine cabinet completely done:


I even figured out how to put the door on. Go me.

I may paint a palm tree on the back of that door...

I may paint a palm tree on the back of that door…

Not that I can take all the credit. I had a painter’s helper who was skittering around:



It was fun because I could hear his little feet click-clacking on the plastic as he was running around. And no, I did not squish my spider friend.

Today’s special at Villisca Foods was the hot beef I’ve been waiting two weeks for (hurray!) so we splurged for lunch:

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum....

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum….

After that we took all the cabinet doors and drawers out of the kitchen so I could start the tedious task of painting those. We found this in a drawer:

A pamida receipt for eyeglasses and a travelers check envelope. OOoooh. So they went on a trip, did they?

A pamida receipt for eyeglasses and a travelers check envelope. OOoooh. So they went on a trip, did they?

I suppose it’s odd, but I enjoy little things like that – little clues into who was here before. Maybe it’s too many years in apartments where I don’t feel the need to own every nook and cranny… I dunno, but anyway, it entertains me.

We also found some interesting wallpaper behind the cabinets:



Then we took a supper break, not that supper was much to brag about – just the Chef Boyarde we had opened and then rejected yesterday:

We don't have any foil, so we used plastic bags...

We don’t have any foil, so we used plastic bags…

Though desert was good.


Then back to work. After I hauled all the drawers and doors to the garage, my brother suggested that we should have numbered them. Turns out someone else already did:



Well, some of them, anyway. However since I am the slobbiest painter in the world I removed all the hardware from them. It was only after I got part way in that I noticed that each door has a different kind of closure. Oops. I guess after they’re painted we’ll wait until we figure out which door goes where to put all the hardware back. heh-heh.


lots of drawers and doors

Bag of authentically retro hardware

Bag of authentically retro hardware

I did get one cupboard door sanded, washed, and painted:



Though the backside needs done still, but I am going to do those in white.

Before we leave the garage, here is a random sticker stuck on the wall:



This is vaguely significant, as I remember these flags of the world stickers. They used to come in the mail with something – no idea what – when I was a wee lass, and my brother and I also stuck them on things. In fact I’m sure we stuck them to the inside of OUR garage (I recall Germany being there for quite awhile) Why they chose Ethiopia and not Germany I don’t know, but I am planning to leave it because it amuses me.

You may be wondering what the brother did all day. He finished priming the bathroom (Hurray!), put a coat of stain sealant on the kitchen ceiling:


and conquered the tree branch:

The great branch hunter readies his attack...

The great branch hunter readies his attack…

He is successful!

He is successful!

So he was kept quite busy. Tomorrow should be adventures in skim coating!

As a special bonus, someone asked for photos of the outside of the house 😉 And though the common sense people of the world say don’t do this because a stalker will find those photos, drive around your town looking for your house, find it, and then charge through the door to get a katana stuck through his gut (or a bullet in his head depending on the kind of household you have), I am going to risk it because, call me crazy, I remember the days when anyone, anywhere, anytime could get people’s HOME address from a phone book. *gasp* Yeah, people forget that stuff, don’t they?

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Day 23 in Villisca”

  1. sharonstogner says :

    I’m loving your updates, and so impressed with your handy work. The house is going to be beautiful when you get done with it.

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