Day 24 in Villisca

Today was a day of very little accomplishment. Or at least it felt that way. It started last night. I had a hard time sleeping and when I finally dropped off I woke to the smell of something burning. Of course I panicked since the brother keeps making all these jokes about the house burning down, I figured karma had gotten us ( not to mention house fires are one of my big fears). So I woke the brother up and we looked all over – I even took a walk around the house outside – and nothing. Thank God. No idea what it was, but it had that yucky smell like houses get when they burn or else really mixed trash where there’s plastic and who knows what else in it.

I got a little bit of sleep and then we took turns being sick all morning. I can’t remember what horrible thing we had for lunch, but then it was on to the skim coating. First step is to mix the compound with water until it’s creamy.



Then you put it on the wall. Yeah. It’s not as easy as the five hundred videos we watched make it look.



Also of note though, our original wall surface isn’t as smooth as any of theirs in the videos. Ours is a huge mess and their’s is just vaguely dinged up drywall. This may make a difference too. I played with different textures. The runnier stuff smooths better but is hard to get on the wall without it running off the knife while the thicker stuff goes on the wall but is pickier about smoothing. Anyway I got half the big wall and all of the little wall done. Now I need to sand it and potentially touch up – oh and finish the big wall.
Dinner was odd. A bowl of some scary chicken soup was the main dish. At least the sticky rice side dish was tasty.


The brother got a second coat of sealant on the kitchen ceiling because one coat of stain blocker didn’t block the stain. I think it was too thin so we’ll see what a second coat does. He also got the last of the kitchen scraping done so we just have to patch and such and then we can start painting it. Fun.
Oh, I also did two book covers today. Eh.
I don’t know. I feel down for no particular reason. Maybe from being sick all morning. Or maybe it’s just the alignment of the stars. Or maybe I am sick of that bathroom Lol! Right now the laundry room is my favorite room because it’s almost done ( just needs the flooring which hubby is bringing). In fact sometimes I lean in and rub my cheek on the door frame and purr. Ha ha! Joking.
Or am I?
Speaking of bizarre we finished the Place to Place anime – or at least what hulu had of it – and have started another. Yuyukishi or something like that. I’d have to Google the spelling. It’s okay so far. A bit odd and definitely shojo.
It’s late so I better end this and get to sleep. Heading into Red Oak tomorrow for some more sealant and some drinky. Yay for liquid!
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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