Day 25 in Villisca

Yesterday’s main event was the hunt for paint. I’m talking about craft paint/ acrylic paint. It comes in a little squeezy bottle for fifty cents and is used to do things like paint palm trees on the inside of medicine cabinets. You’d think this would be an easy enough thing to find but – surprise! – it’s not.
At least it was a nice day.





We started at k-mart because it’s a Big K. Ha. It’s a Big K in the same way Shenandoah has a super Walmart. Their only paint was poster paint. Which is washable and so totally unsuitable. I admit I got a bit irritated because the online circular said they had craft paint. I hate when the circulars don’t really have anything to do with your store.
After that the brother wanted pizza hut.



It was better than Bolivar ( where the crust is always undercooked) but not as good as Jefferson was that time hubby and I and Jean went.
After that we hit True Value for more sealant – there are rust spots bleeding through our skim coat job in the bathroom already. Ugh. And the kitchen plaster has the same spots. What in the hell did the previous owners do to the walls???
Then we hit hy-vee who had the cutest chalk board:



And a cute wedding cake



And furniture innovations.



Yes it looks like a cabinet with two doors but it’s not. That’s one door, two handles, and a magic marker line drawn down the middle. Ha!
Of course hy-vee has no paint and Family Dollar has no paint, so I turned to Google, even though they lied to me about Kmart. Google said there was no paint in Red Oak, but that thirty- five miles from us was a Hobby Lobby in Council Bluffs.
Now we knew Google was lying because Council Bluffs is a long way away. I grew up in this general area. I remember how far it is. But, as Dad pointed out, we lived forty miles or so south of where we are now. I guess maybe that makes a difference.
No one wanted to drive in Council Bluffs, so we ended up going to Atlantic anyway – ha ha! But there, in the Atlantic Walmart, we found the paint mecha:

*insert heavenly music*

*insert heavenly music*

I mean the paint section. Yes crazy isn’t it?
Even crazier was the hitchhiker we found hidden on board the truck:

Next to the gas fill tube

Next to the gas fill tube

For reasons too complicated to explain, we then went to Shen for dinner:



And then to Dad’s house.



There was a pretty sunset.

The eye of Sauron watches all!

The eye of Sauron watches all!



And we then watched Sharktopus vs Pteracuda. It was awesome. We started Piranhaconda when hubby arrived. Yes he is here from Missouri for a week, and then I go back with him to pack, leaving the brother here to work and defend the house from stalkers.
Speaking of hubby, look what he brought me.



Aren’t they pretty????
He brought a load of stuff but we decided to leave it until today to unload – and then at 2 a.m. I woke to lightning and thunder so we had to leap out of bed, race outside, and unload it all in the rain. Fun. But at least nothing got ruined.
And now I have to get to work for today. Have a good one.
Jo πŸ™‚


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2 responses to “Day 25 in Villisca”

  1. moonvapors says :

    another 9 hour day of work? Wow. and two meals out? You are straining.

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