Day 26 in Villisca

Hubby’s first day back and we put him to work. Well, not right off. First we had breakfast and he gave me my mail.

Cute card from a client.

Cute card from a client.

Then I put him to work.
It should have been an easy thing to swap out one light fixture for another, but apparently that spaghetti mess of writes he had previously said was “fine” when the brother and I sent him a photo wasn’t so “fine” in person. It took them a couple of hours to sort the whole mess out – there are two outside lights and apparently the kitchen pantry light that all come off of it. But, in the end, they were successful.



Doesn’t that look nice? Mel gave it to us when she visited. She had two of them in her trunk randomly.
While they worked on that, I worked on the bathroom skim coating. I admit I’d lost heart on it because it was looking lumpy but after I sanded it and filled in some holes it looked pretty good.


As you can see, i finished the lower half of the wall too. The dark patches are where it’s wet. I’ll need to sand again and repair but it’s coming along. The wall is so nightmarishly uneven that in some places there are hollows that are so deep they’re going to take three layers to make it even out. Plus the while process is sloooooow. But we’re getting there.
They had to make a run to town to buy a new electric meter – they fried the one we had – and they did get knobs for the bathroom cabinets.


Yes, I said cabinets. Here’s the other one.


Obviously I need to paint it and such. And that open space will be a row of rattan baskets. It’s gonna look good.
When they came back from town they brought food.

Me and hubby's. Guess which is which.

Me and hubby’s. Guess which is which.

The brother's

The brother’s

So I took a break and then they started working on marking wood for the laundry room floor project.

Hubby pours chalk into the chalk line thing

Hubby pours chalk into the chalk line thing

And I went to work on the roses.


Yes! They are done! Though there is a trellis in the yard I am going to rebuild and paint and we’ll move it to that last viney mess.
Hubby and the brother took a load to the compost heap on the edge of town and I worked in Mordor on the front bushes. Don’t worry, I wasn’t alone. Junky is still here to keep me company.


Yes, we named it.
When they got back it was dark, so we had dinner.

Left over spaghetti from the day before

Left over spaghetti from the day before

Then took baths, did laundry and such. Hubby set his radio up but I don’t think he made any contacts.
And now I have to go for yet another trip to True Value. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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