Day 28 in Villisca

This is late because we got right to work today. Fun times.
Yesterday seemed pretty productive. That metal plate I mentioned yesterday? Hubby got it cut out, then I tin snipped it, filed it, and buffed it. Felt like I was in jewelry class again. Mr. Hoffman would be proud.



The caulk has to sit 36 hours before anything can be done with it, so we had to work on other things. Hubby finished the skim coating.



Well, that he could finish. The two walls that the tub connects to will need done but of course we have to wait until the drywall is put up which means we have to go buy the drywall.
The brother and i worked on scraping the kitchen walls.



We found some pretty wallpaper.


This stuff was bizarre and basically indestructible





Then I decided to start cleaning the pantry.



Only when I started to wash the wall the paint came off because, like the rest of this place, it’s painted over friggin wallpaper!! I realize that in the old days wallpaper was cheaper than paint but seriously? To just paint over it for years??? Come on people!!

The same stuff as the bathroom. They must have got a deal on it.

The same stuff as the bathroom. They must have got a deal on it.

And as the wallpaper came off, I found a surprise.


So I’m going to have to tape, patch, mud and repair first. Ahhhhhh!!!!
That aside, I got it scraped.

Now to clean...

Now to clean…

So something was accomplished at least. I have one piece above the door to do still, but otherwise it’s ready for plastering and such.
I don’t remember lunch, but dinner was actually good.

Barilla spicy penne

Barilla spicy penne

I would have that again and in fact may buy some more. A nice change from terrible Lol!
You may be wondering after yesterday’s post how I managed to get so much work out of those two. Since they’re basically slackers. I can’t take all the credit. Excalibur deserves at least half of it.



Hahahahaha! Not really, but I did threaten them with it on different occasions. It’s the old plumbing from the bathtub but it looked like a sword to me, so…..
Not much else. I didn’t go anywhere or see anyone but those two. And though there were some amusing conversations, they’re not worth typing out on the phone, since the predictive text can’t ever figure or what I’m saying anyway Lol!I should seriously leave some of it so you can see how insane it is.
Or not. Either way, have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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