Day 29 in Villisca

Yesterday was a lovely rainy day.


I think this is a weed but it's pretty

I think this is a weed but it’s pretty

wet ivy

wet ivy


The rain would be great except we need to buy and transport dry wall. Needless to say that’s a no go, meaning the bathroom walls still aren’t finished. Hubby did get some skim coating done though.

Doesn't that look nice?

Doesn’t that look nice?

And the plumbing is all done on the bathtub/ shower.



Now we’re just waiting for the caulk to dry.

Holding the metal plate in place

Holding the metal plate in place

And I got the medicine cabinet done using that elusive craft paint.



I tried the frog tape on the shelves and it worked better than either the blue tape or the making tape, but I’ll wait until I use it on something bigger to give an official opinion. Especially considering how much the stuff costs.
We have also upgraded from painting on the plastic piece.

Whoo hoo! My very own saw horses!

Whoo hoo! My very own saw horses!

If you can’t tell I have kind of taken over the garage. This irritates hubby a bit as the garage is supposed to be “the men’s domain” and I’m suppose to have the house, but the house is so chaotic that he can have it and I’ll just hide out here where I’ve gotten things organized.
I wish I could say lunch was also an upgrade, but it wasn’t.

Eating the salt alone would have been tastier.

Eating the salt alone would have been tastier.

In fact it was awful. I even used our one and only packet of pepper – which is something like gold around here – and it still didn’t help.
We knocked off early to go to Shen and visit Mel. I even looked almost human.



That facial expression is borne of irritation at trying to get the damn picture to take.
Once at Mel’s we got the tour and a glass of yummy hypnotiq and 7up. If you have never had this I recommend it highly. It’s hard to describe the flavor but I suppose it’s in the citrus family.
We eventually duped her teenage daughter into cooking, and I had home cooked food for the first time in nearly a month!!



Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

She actually did a pretty good job. Obviously her mother didn’t teach her to cook. Ha ha! Poor Mel can cook three things – by her own admission – and one of those is fish sticks. But she’s fun. We had a blast and posted bizarre Facebook things. I can sum the evening up in one scene: imagine a pair of thirty-something women and a fifteen year old girl shrieking out the duck song at the top of their lungs. Oh, and the women may have been drunk-ish. Not really drunk, but happy. ( this is the duck song – )
It was about one a.m. when we left, so a quick trip to Shenandoah’s Walmart.



Where we bought a few things on our list (they didn’t have some of it) and cashed in pop bottles. It has been so long since I’ve done that, that it is now all automated.



You stick the bottle/can in, the machine sucks it up, crushes it, and at the end gives you a little ticket that you take to a cashier to get your cash. How space age is that?? The first one we used quit working and had an awesome message that said “I’m not working right. Please tell a store associate”. But my phone died so no pic of that, or of the courthouse in Clarinda, which was noteworthy because all the Christmas lights were randomly on. Yes, strings of shining red and green against the backdrop of an August night. No idea why.
Have a Christmas light kind of day.
Jo 🙂


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