Day 31 in Villisca

I had planned to do this yesterday bit yesterday I didn’t have anything good to say. It wasn’t a good day, despite the fact that the cucumber fairy visited us again.




I spent most of the day – when I wasn’t locked in mortal combat with hubby or the brother – working in the tiny, smelly, cramped, humid, dirty, tiny pantry. I washed 99% of it (the other 1% I couldn’t reach) then taped and mudded it.

Didn't really capture the scope

Didn’t really capture the scope


Still doesn't do it justice

Still doesn’t do it justice

And scraped the gross, old floor.

Down to the wood and plaster dust

Down to the wood and plaster dust


Tile that will go in it eventually

Tile that will go in it eventually

If that wasn’t enough to make a person on edge, Facebook messages are no longer working. If you use your phone for it you already know all about the messenger app that you now have to use to see and answer them. Well guess what? The stupid %&$ing app just freezes. Meaning I have messages I can’t &%$#ing answer. Then on top of that this place is a pig sty and it’s getting to me. Well it was, but that’s for later. Suffice to say that there were pop and Gatorade bottles everywhere. The final straw was when I went out to my clean, organized garage to find a pile of trash and another %#&#ing bottle. Then I walked into the bathroom and saw the dry wall mess they had made around the tub and had a melt down. To say the stuff was cut wrong would be an understatement. There were two inch gaps on all sides and a huge hole on the edge that’s against the tub that they decided to “fill with caulk”.
No. Just, no.
So after my breakdown and my brother’s fit – where in he used a hammer to remove the offending drywall in small chunks – we went to the garage a recut it. Hubby returned as we were fitting the new pieces from his tirade/ stomping off time and eventually everyone cooled down and it looks a helluva lot better.

Look. It fits.

Look. It fits.


The caulk had finally set long enough so we all got to take showers with the new hardware.




Then we did some cleaning. Which was long overdo and much needed. As I said this place was a disaster. One might think that taking time out to clean is a waste – especially as little time as we have left – but trust me, it’s not.
Hubby then started on the laundry room floor.


And we had dinner. I had the barilla spicy penne again, but hubby and the brother had Hormel sandwich stuff.

Sloppy Joe's

Sloppy Joe’s

It comes in a little carton and you microwave and put it on buns – we used bread obviously – but it tasted pretty good. Which was a surprise.
Anyway, gonna end this now and just be glad that yesterday is over.
Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Day 31 in Villisca”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    Jo hope you get this if facebook messages aren’t working. Have been popping messages to you. This is imperative: there is a haybale art contest for the entire Montgomery County that starts September 1. The link below reveals all. You will enter this contest (this spoken in my best hypnotist voice). You will win.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Oh that looks awesome! It sucks that I’ll be in Missouri until the first 😦 but we can at least go look at them after the map is out and start planning one for next year Lol!

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