Day 32 in Villisca

This was my last full day in Villisca. No, I haven’t gone crazy and decided to chuck it all, l just have to go back to Missouri and pack for a couple of weeks. Then I’ll be back.
Hubby and I made a dash to red oak where we bought more plywood

Lumberyard 2.0

Lumberyard 2.0

drywall and some screw’s for the laundry room floor. And…



I’m not sure the size comes off but they’re huge!
When we got home I worked on the bathroom walls



and hubby worked on the laundry room floor.

Have you figured out what we're doing yet?

Have you figured out what we’re doing yet?

Then Dad came for a visit and took us to the cafe.

Bbq bacon burger.

Bbq bacon burger.

I was the only one with fries. The others all had a sandwich and a giant ice cream. Which is fine but I am on a potato kick. When I get back to a stove I’m making some real ones. Maybe a baked potato with green onions and cheddar. Yum.
When we got back Chris had to climb under the house to look at something. For some reason he climbed under the deck first.

wpid-wp-1407682358269 wpid-wp-1407682364978

Where he found….


Ahhhhhh!!! That’s a squirrel’s tail!! Something ate a poor squirrel and left his tail under there! Does that mean a bad carnivore is living under there?? Because if it is, it’s going! No mangy animal is going to eat my squirrels!
Hubby says that it’s probably a couple years old and so is not one of mine, and all I have to say is it better not be or wrath is coming.
Speaking of odd things acquired around our property, junky’s owner finally showed up. Apparently dad was right- it’s broken down. The clutch plates are fused together. It’s a guy who was doing work on the house across the street (I recognized his pickup) and he said he will get it moved, so as long as it’s eventually going fine with me.
Anyway, the brother then had to climb under the laundry room.

tiny door to hell?

tiny door to hell?



From there hubby went back to his floor and the brother and I worked on taking the screwed up old drywall out of the kitchen. It’s just two little pieces next to the counter – one on each side.

Doesn't this look like a perfect place for shelves?

Doesn’t this look like a perfect place for shelves?

Yes, yes it does look like a place to put some weird little shelves that would match the weird little shelves next to the pantry. I’m the only one who’s excited about this, but I think it will be adorable and I can put salt and pepper on it. Now to build it…
I’d like to say we finished up early and went to bed so that we could get up early to see my uncle’s new house, but that works be a lie. Between all the measuring, cutting, and waiting for the cordless batteries to charge we were up until after two. Our dinner wasn’t until ten.

Marie colanders pot roast

Marie colanders pot roast

And when we finally called it a night we had one board left that needed installed on the right side, but the rest was in and the door was cut down.

Midget door welcomes all dwarves, especially if they look like Thorin

Midget door welcomes all dwarves, especially if they look like Thorin

So we’ll have to get that board put in and a couple other things before we leave. Though we’re leaving the brother here with his katana and various tools and weapons to fight off stalkers. He also had a to do list that isn’t humanly achievable, but I figure even a third of it will be good. No way we’re going to have the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room all done by the time we move in…
And with that exciting thought I have to go. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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One response to “Day 32 in Villisca”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    I reckon you have done very well there Jo…you will return to a finished house if your brother ever learns to get his hat off. He needs a claw hammer to pull out the nail first probably.

    You will get back in time to make your entry in the hay bale art contest. You know, the winning entry…

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