Girl Scouts and Autumn Leaves

My phone is crabbing at me to delete stuff off of it. I imagine it’s all the photos filling things up. This phone is a pretty good one, but it lacks space. And it’s not like my laptop had a huge hard drive either. I do have an external two gig, but it’s nearly full too…*sigh* if only images weren’t such space hogs. (No, not like the band, ha ha!)
Yesterday we packed. I know, exciting, right? And I took the dog for multiple walks down to girl scout park, so called because it has a girl scout hut in it.

Yes this is an older picture but it still looks the same

Yes this is an older picture but it still looks the same

Though someone actually lives in the little house. The girls still seem to come to it and play in the yard, heck maybe they have meetings there. I don’t know, but I do know that a guy lives there. He’s either the third guy or else he’s been through three cars.
The park isn’t far from me, just down the alley a bit.

The sun is setting

The sun is setting

There’s an odd flowering vine near where the honeysuckle used to be.


It’s pretty though. Another comment of interest is that the leaves are also changing here.


Yep. In early/mid August. Very odd.
Anyway, after packing I tried to get online, only our internet was down, so instead I typed off the stuff I’d handwritten in Iowa. I’m done with chapter eight and think I know where I’m going now – maybe sending them to Munich again. The only trouble is I’m at 45,000 words already and not half done yet (there will be 24 chapters as usual).
I did run into an issue typing stuff off because apparently I had a long spiel in mind but was in a hurry, so I just wrote “blah… blah… blah…” Well great, because now I have no idea where I was headed with it. I did fill it in, but I’m willing to bet it’s not what I had in mind to start with.
Hubby and i hit Walmart around 2am and it yielded a gold mine in boxes.


So we’ll be busy for the next several days.
The dog’s going nuts so gonna end this.
Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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