Four Days…Part 2


What is that? That is a random photo of the wall and booth in Ihop. Why? Because I forgot to put it in the last blog. Why is it relevant enough to put in any blog?

Because I say so.

I also neglected to share the cool jewelry at Wal-mart.

Crosses and celtic knots - fun

Crosses and celtic knots – fun

Now, on to…


Sunday was my sister-in-law’s birthday, so I made her a cake:

The Duff zebra cake...

The Duff zebra cake…

First admission: this came from cake mix. Duff Zebra Cake Mix. (No, I did not pay $44 for it, as the link is advertising.) It’s made, obviously, with white and chocolate cake mix layered in circles and… yeah. I was pretty doubtful about it. But in the end it baked up and I slathered it in frosting, sparkle gel, and decorative pearls.

Lesson learned: Sparkle gel does NOT show up on chocolate frosting

Lesson learned: Sparkle gel does NOT show up on chocolate frosting

We then cleaned the house, yadda yadda, and watched Hell House – the 1970-something movie while we waited for the sister-in-law to arrive. The movie was interesting. I won’t say it was bad, though the effects were cheesy of course, but I have been thinking on it the last couple of days, and so it left an impression. Of course it’s based from the book of the same name, written by the guy who apparently wrote the books that 99% of all 70s movies were made from. Oddly, though, the plot to Hell House begins MUCH like the plot to The Haunting of Hill House. Of course back then, as internet sources say, you weren’t just ripping someone off, you were paying homage to them. I guess that’s why the Twilight chick didn’t sue the Fifty Shades lady. She was just paying homage… *cough* I wonder who I can pay homage to?

Anyway, they all arrived and we proceeded to barbecue.

And when she got drunk, they went home and we all went to our happy beds, LOL!


Was boring, though it started with a trip to the dentist at 8am.

On the road again...short term

On the road again…short term

That done, I have another one for Thursday and then – hopefully – a final one the week after that and then shiny new teeth will be mine. Oh boy, oh boy. take that Sjogrens :p

Home again I got my jewelry shipment:

More Paparazzi goodness

More Paparazzi goodness

And the turtle laid an egg

Turtle egg

Turtle egg

Turtle lovers will howl about this, because my turtle should have been in it’s sandy/dirty/happy little home and buried this egg (or eggs – if there are others I didn’t find them) in a sunny place and blah blah blah, but I am not an amazing turtle owner. I am more a turtle rehab owner who took on injured turtles that had been attacked and so I figure their lives here are better than being dead, even if they do not have some perfect-derfect-amazing-outdoor-expensive habitat.

That said, I nabbed said egg while it was still soft, took a fast photo to share with people who have never seen said turtle eggs (when this happened the first time we were confused what the thing was because few photos existed that we could find), and then buried it outside in a sunny, warm place myself. Lest anyone worry I am leaving it behind, it is in a flower pot, so it can come with us. I doubt it will hatch – it’s probably not fertilized – but just in case I would not want to abandon a baby turtle – though their parents do it all the time. bad turtle parents.

Then we packed.

So many boxes

So many boxes

We worked on my brother’s room. Why? We’ve been concerned about that bathtub installation in Iowa and wishing we had one to look at. Well… we do! This place has the same kind of bathtub, properly installed, with an access door behind it that was blocked only by my brother’s book cases. So we packed all that, moved those, opened it p and….

It looked identical, except it’s thicker. I mean everything is thicker – the tub walls, the edging walls, that weird board that is fiber glassed in like a running board. It’s all thicker, so it probably cost more. WE probably have the equivalent of bargain basement bath tub in Iowa. Why am I not surprised?

The only other thing of interest is something I found in a magazine – it’s a photo fo old nurse uniforms:

Old nurse uniforms

Old nurse uniforms

Now imagine hubby in it and laugh.

I did 😉

Have to go cook dinner so have a good one!

Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Four Days…Part 2”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    How was the turtle egg omelette? Yum I bet.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      The funny thing is the turtle laid two more today and I think the cats got them because they were both open and oozing but they didn’t eat them so it must not taste good.

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