Triple Play

Monday night mom and I finally watched Fright Night. I know, I know, you thought I’d already seen it. Everyone thinks that being a vampire author I’ve seen all the iconic films, but I haven’t. Anyway, it was funny. But then Prince Humperdink from Princess Bride chasing after Darci from Married with Children is bound to be odd. There’s a remake with David Tennant, but I haven’t seen it either. Or at least I think there is. I’d have to google it to be sure.

Anyway, Tuesday’s highlights included our version of yorkshire pudding and onion gravy

the red is a reflection from my glass

the red is a reflection from my glass

And some packing. Oh, and we watched the Avengers, which I had seen previously, but was worth a rewatch.

Wednesday was slightly more interesting because it rained.

rain, rain...

rain, rain…

But it didn’t last very long.

Blue skies again. *sigh*

Blue skies again. *sigh*

It also involved more packing

So many boxes

So many boxes

And two different kind of muffins

The kind you eat...

The kind you eat…

...& the kind you pet.

…& the kind you pet.

I know, boring, right? So let’s take a moment and play a game. It’s called “What Does Not Belong in this Scene?”

"One of these things is not like the other one...."

“One of these things is not like the other one….”


Did you find it? HINT:

Hideki says "Hello!"

Hideki says “Hello!”

Yes, he was on TOP of the mattress, and I had to use a yard stick to chase him off. That’s hubby’s bad kitty for you.

Our dinner movie of choice was The Possession. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want spoilers, then skip the rest of this paragraph. Still here? Okay then. The basis of the movie is that a divorced dad buys his youngest daughter a box from a yard sale that contains a Hebrew demon – only he doesn’t know it. She opens it, is possessed, causes havoc, and is eventually saved. Everyone lives happily ever after, except the mom’s boyfriend, who they don’t even bother to resolve. Now here is a guy who, despite their efforts at demonizing him, has taken on the botch mother (why is she divorced, you ask? Because her husband was never there. Where was he? Was he stepping out? Gambling? drinking? No. he was at WORK, working to make all the money that paid for her fancy house, fancy furniture and fancy clothes, and allowed her to not have a job – only after he’s been gone a YEAR does she decide to “restart her jewelry business”. This tells you a bit about her character.) So, anyway, the boyfriend has taken on her, her two teen daughters from her previous marriage, is an orthodontist fixing one kid’s teeth for FREE, and stays around even when the youngest kid goes wacky and starts threatening him and generally looking and acting possessed, going so far as to bring over DVDs to have a fun, family, movie night in hopes of cheering everyone up, and finding a psychiatrist friend to see the youngest daughter, again for FREE.  So what thanks does he get? As he is loading up the car to drive everyone to a weekend away that includes said free psychiatric care, the little possessed brat makes all of his teeth fall out in a torrent of blood. Panicked, he leaps in the car and drives away, presumably to the ER, leaving the girl with her mom and sister, and…and is never seen again. Since mom and the ex hubby are back together at the end, I can only assume he’s been dumps, which is great considering her kid just ripped all his teeth out, but hell, he may be dead. After all, they take the girl to ER too because after ripping out his teeth with psychic energy she has a seizure, and  they never see him there, pop into his room, or indicate that he even exists anymore. Of course, the guy was kind of a stuffed shirt (“do you know how many microbes come in on shoes?” is a quote of his) but come on! He still put all of that effort out, so surely we deserve to know what happened to him. Or am I the only one who wants to know? This was supposedly based on a true story, so maybe I’ll look that up…

And it turns out the true story has nothing to do with the movie, really. Oh well. I guess we’ll never know what happened to the poor guy.

Speaking of teeth and dentists, I got to preview mine today and they look okay. Not as cute as my real teeth were, but whatcha gonna do? I think they may be a slight bit too long, but everyone else said they were just right, and the dentist’s only offer was to move them up in the gum (which would not fix it), so I guess I’ll get what I get. I pick them up Monday.

After that, which took all of five minutes, we stopped at Wal-Mart.

random but pretty

random but pretty

Where we found an interesting new snack

Just like the old pudding cups?

Just like the old pudding cups?

The answer is no, no they aren’t. Instead of going with a pudding type food, they went with cream frosting, which tastes pretty weird on the gummy worm. We bought two – one for each – and shared one. If I was seven I’d love it. At 34, I’m not sure.

When we came home we aggravated my cat Styx:

Fat kitty tummy

Fat kitty tummy

kitty is unhappy

kitty is unhappy

And that was the last useful thing I did. I haven’t felt good, and mom didn’t feel good, so we took the day off and started the series Green Arrow, which I had previous ignored because the cover image looks like bad CG:



The font is HORRIBLE, the colors are flat… I seriously have seen better covers on But luckily we finally sucked it up and started it, and it’s good. We’re on the fourth episode now.

In Iowa news, the brother has been sick the last couple of days, which I think was a curse from the bat. Yes, the bat came back, and though the brother opened the door the bat refused to leave. So he got a broom and chased it around for an hour, while on the phone with me, shouting “Out! Out, damn bat!” Finally I looked up how to humanely get a bat out of your house (which involves catching it against the wall under a bucket and then sliding a piece of cardboard under it so that you can take the bat outside to let it go), and after another hour he called to say it had been done and that he had gotten a good view of the bat close up, with it’s tiny black eyes, cute little nose, and nasty mouth full of nasty teeth (it did not bite him, though it did make noises at him). I maintain it cursed him.

But other than that he has the bathroom woodwork done and has started on the kitchen woodwork. The quarter round along the bottom of the mopboard needs removed because when they tiled they actually took that off (Oh my god, something done right!).

And now I will close with a random spider:

Along came a spider and...

Along came a spider and…

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Triple Play”

  1. dm yates says :

    Uck for ending with a random spider. I love yorkshire pudding, but mud cakes? Sometime I’m going to have to watch Arrow.

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