Nothing much…

As in nothing much is going on. We ran out of boxes, I had cardboard pizza for lunch


And we had some company, which was fun but doesn’t make for an interesting blog.

Hubby's cat two times him with Michael

Hubby’s cat two times him with Michael

Then goes to be a snuggle whore with Steven

Then goes to be a snuggle whore with Steven

One interesting thing was a mail I got from my new dentist.

Yeah, i blanked out my address... The paranoid people say we should... I dunno.

Yeah, i blanked out my address… The paranoid people say we should… I dunno.

As someone who has been to a LOT of dentists over the years, I can tell you that none of them have ever sent a welcome letter. That’s how awesome this guy is. I wish we were staying here longer coz he’d be the new family dentist permanently.
Speaking of goodbye stuff, hubby got a card from work.

How cute

How cute

It was cute and of course made hubby a bit sad, but on the whole he’s excited about the move. Which brings me to an interesting thing. Though I have chronicled the adventure with enough detail to bore the most avid blog reader to death, I haven’t really mentioned whether I am happy or not.
Truth is, it’s a mixed bag. I’m glad to be moving nearer to family, the house is great, the neighborhood is awesome, Mel lives nearby, we own or own home with no house payments, etc. etc. BUT the cost of living is higher, we now have gas and water bills, we’re now responsible for the yard and all the upkeep, we’re losing Springfield and all the awesome, awesome stuff there (Asian food stores, awesome parks, Sam’s club, five Walmarts etc.etc.) and friends ( including our ham radio club). So the gain/loss balances out. In the end I guess you’d say I am excited. Truthfully I haven’t really thought about an emotion, just concentrated on a to do list. But I think everything will work out. Hubby’s worried about finding a job, but I’m sure he’ll be fine and I’m sure the renovations will all work just fine, and we’ll get used to all the extra responsibility. But then I am an optimist.
Not much else to say. We’re watching the Dr Who previews waiting for the show to pop up on Amazon. The brother is still not feeling well, so he missed the civil war thing they had going on in Glenwood today. He’s better than he was, though, so that’s good. He’s got the bathroom taped, the kitchen primed, and I forget what else. And the bat has not been back yet. I guess he made it mad Lol!
And with that I’m or of here. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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One response to “Nothing much…”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    Just concentrate on the Montgomery County haybale art contest, Jo – the one you are going to be entering and winning…you’ll have time.

    Dentists in your part of the world must be pretty slack. They do that stuff here more or less automaticallyt – same with med centres…You know, “Hey! Glad you’re on board! You’ve got some teeth still? That’s great! We are looking forward to extracting them. Make a date soon!” sort of style…

    A shift like that is always a wrench but you know you’re doing the right thing as you have had a resident bat ALREADY.

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