The Exodus Day 4, 5 & 6

Yeah. It’s day 4 part 2.I need to catch up on these.
Anyway, so we made it here to find everything was muddy, meaning when they parked the uhaul in the yard they left giant ruts.


But we had help at least. My uncle Dave came down from Elkhorn.

Poor uncle Dave working hard

Poor uncle Dave working hard

And we unloaded boxes….

Getting closer to the end...

Getting closer to the end…

Until well after dark, when we finished up in time to go to Mel’s house warming party.

Mel says "yo".

Mel says “yo”.

Jess says "hmmmm"

Jess says “hmmmm”

The men stay silent.

The men stay silent.

Which was a lot of fun, but involved things like Tequila Rose, Jauger Bombs, and Black Velvet. It also lasted until early morning.


Foggy morning

Foggy morning

Hubby caught some sleep then headed back to Missouri to get Mom and the pets, and I hit the hay. I woke up a few hours later still drunk, ate a chicken sandwich and went back to bed. It wasn’t until evening that the brother and I set up the really important part of the house.

Tytania on TV

Tytania on TV

And had our dessert

Vanilla raspberry cupcake

Vanilla raspberry cupcake

Hubby meanwhile was at the Route 66 Ham Radio Special Event in Springfield, where he had a lot of fun. The coolest thing is I got to design the QSL cards for it.


Pretty snazzy, huh? There were actually five but this is the one I think they picked.
Anyway, day 6 wasn’t much either, in fact I don’t think there’s even a photo of it. Dad came over and we watched more Tytania – which is a good series. The bad guys are all super hot, the hottest being Idrice – or something like that – who is the baddest. The general plot is the future, a bunch of planets are ruled by the Tytania clan who live in this floating city. They have ruled for a few hundred years unchallenged. Then they attack Euria. The mayor has made a secret deal with Tytania, promising they will lose to them, and so they appoint Fan Hyulick, who is a nobody with no experience, as Admiral to guarantee the loss. Except, he wins. He gets kicked off the planet and all the various little resistance groups all over are trying to recruit him, but he won’t join because he doesn’t really care about Tytania. Anyway, it goes from there and, as I said, it’s good.
We also watched the new Dr. Who, Inside the Dalek. Peter Capaldi reminds me very much of the old doctors, and in fact I have accepted him much faster than I did Matt Smith. I’m glad to see the romance dynamic gone. The Doctor should not be the hero in a romance, and that has bugged and irritated me since Rose. Not that he probably hasn’t had a romance or what not, but frankly Romana was the best candidate for that. I’m waiting to see what they’re going to do with this whole Promised Land/Missy thing. Also interested to see what everyone else thinks of the new doctor as I imagine he’s not popular with the women who I think are the main watchers in America. And they were watching for the “hot” doctors, which this guy isn’t.

Blinky watches TV with us

Blinky watches TV with us

There was some other stuff, but it was boring, so I’ll end here.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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