The Exodus Day 7 & 8

On Monday hubby brought mom and the rest of the cats and we officially said goodbye to Missouri (more on this later). Since mom can’t climb the stairs easily it meant we had to get that bathroom floor in ASAP so we could get the toilet in. The brother and I made the template and…

It's a floor!

It’s a floor!

Yes it looks like wood but it’s just rolled linoleum that we got from our trip to Lowe’s. Hubby and the brother then put the toilet in.



I realize that when I say it this way it leaves out all the shouting, fighting, arguing, and otherwise aggravating things and makes it sound like we live in happy cooperation fairy land, so just imagine lots of strife whenever I mention us doing anything.
Tuesday we had a list of things to do, but it was decided that the refrigerator should be our next big concern. We’ve been living from a mini fridge, and that was fine for a couple people, but mom has to have a ton of frozen food because she’s a vegetarian and will only eat certain picky, weird things. The problem? The refrigerator was still in a storage unit in Missouri. So….

Road trip

Road trip

We stopped for gas in Marryville. While hubby was inside paying there was a loud crashing noise….


No one was hurt but it gummed traffic up a bit.
Now for some random trip photos.

Um...just no.

Um…just no.

Hello bridge - AGAIN!!

Hello bridge – AGAIN!!



This photo was taken in the daytime... Weird huh?

This photo was taken in the daytime… Weird huh?

What it should have looked like - this is Truman lake

What it should have looked like – this is Truman lake

It's sunny in southern Missouri

It’s sunny in southern Missouri


When we got to Bolivar (five hours later), we did a quick trip to Springfield so I could make the w6r contact and get one of those cool cards, and stopped at Steak n Shake.

A final final final hurrah

A final final final hurrah

Cheddar burger.... No, I could not eat it all

Cheddar burger…. No, I could not eat it all

Hubby says "nom"

Hubby says “nom”

Then it was out to the storage unit to get the fridge. Of course the fridge was on the back so we had to dig it out and about that time along came a deputy. This is not unusual when you’re taking things out of storage at 11pm. So we showed him our ID, showed him that we had the keys to the lock, and he then helped us load the fridge into the back of the pickup. Seriously. Then he pointed out how windy it was and that it might be a better idea to lay it down rather than leave it upright (meaning it would be at least 24 hours after we turn it upright again before we could use it.) At first we didn’t want that time gap – the mini fridge was full of vegetarian food and we needed to buy groceries for the rest of us – but since there were severe storms north (the father called during our steak and shake meal to tell us they had a tornado warning) we decided to follow his advice. Alas, the deputy was gone, so we had to do it ourselves.

Packed up

Packed up

We added some other stuff to the load, filled the truck, then stopped at the sister in law’s for a bit.

Kathy and Jack say "Hewwooo!"

Kathy and Jack say “Hewwooo!”

Then we headed home to Villisca.

Bye bye Bolivar. AGAIN

Bye bye Bolivar. AGAIN

Half way up hubby got tired so we stopped in Garden City.

Halloween candy!

Halloween candy!

But the Casey’s did not have an awning we could park under – a storm was coming in- so we pulled into a closed gas station farther down the road so he could nap. Though the wind picked up, the rain waited until after we’d rested up and pulled back onto the road to start up. Luckily the tarp worked well and the stuff on the trailer was water proof-ish. Though there were some funny noises, so we stopped at a rest stop to be sure, not that we could find a place to park…

Lots of trucks

Lots of trucks

I feel like i am in an orphanage... Or a state home...

I feel like i am in an orphanage… Or a state home…

We were there!

We were there!

All was fine and the sun was up when we got home, so we happily unloaded and went to bed. Yay for sleep!
And in celebration, go take a nap yourself.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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