Another Day, Another Mess

Okay not that big of a mess, but the title was fun.
Yesterday started with hubby spending two hours filling out his application to be a jailer. Then we had to take it to Red Oak to hand it in. The last said a clipped “thank you” and disappeared before he could inquire about anything else.
After that we had to go to True Value for more floor adhesive and some kind of fancy square that does 45 degree angles like this:


Not my photo


While he was looking for it, I snapped a photo of him in his job hunting attire which prompted several face book comments.

Apparently he looks dumbfounded

Apparently he looks dumbfounded

Poor hubby. He’s talking about cutting his hair and I’m not thrilled about it, though in the end it’s HIS hair and he can do what he wants with it. He thinks – and he’s probably right – that it will make it easier to find a job, but I dunno. I’m not much of an anarchist or a hippie or any of the rest per se, but there are things worth standing up for and men’s right to have whatever length of hair they want is one of them. Women can have long hair and work in the same fields that men are told they must cut their hair for and it’s sexist bullshit. I’m personally willing for him to make less and make a hair statement, but he may not be, so I guess we’ll see.
We came home to Dad, who hung around until he realized his football game would be on soon, then he hightailed it back home. I got on the laptop to do some work, and hubby volunteered to sand the kitchen wall.
In our quest to paint the kitchen we have ended up stripping two of the three walls to bare plaster.

Look left and right


And we agreed the third wall could just be lightly sanded (since the old paint is gloss) and then just painted over. Well hubby decided that hand sanding was for woosies, so he grabbed the orbital sander and….

Oh dear

Oh dear


He says the wall has been wet at some point in the past and so all of the paper etc. just ripped away, as did some of the plaster. Which means we need to drywall a chunk of it. So he spent some time neatly cutting the bad bit out.



Meanwhile the brother finished up the white in the bathroom


And they filled in the cracks on the laundry room floor.


putty must dry then be sanded



The stuff comes in a cool canister

so retro

so retro


Oh, and the brother and I got the front porch light hung properly.



I got that at that tent sale last month for about a1/4 what it’s worth. Go Jo.
I’d show you what I’ve been working on, but my battery is low and it’s boring anyway, so I will end this for now and say have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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  1. Bonnie says :

    looks good

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