Progress is Nigh

Or so I keep telling myself. Okay, we got a fair bit done yesterday, so things are shaping up.
Hubby and the brother went to Red Oak for drywall, and I worked on book cover stuff. When they got back we had lunch.

Hot beef.

Hot beef.

This is actually one of those Hormel sandwich makers and some instant mashed potatoes. I ended up feeding must of the potatoes to hubby, but it was good.
After that I went on a hunt for my light box so I could do some commissioned drawing, and hubby and the brother started readying the wall for drywalling.

You can see the chimney

You can see the chimney

Only trouble was, there’s not enough drywall screws left. So….

Just barely held on

Just barely held on

They used what they had and it will have to wait to finish it.
They also got the quarter round put up around the bathroom ceiling.


We need to touch up the nail heads when we put the second coat on the window but it’s looking good.
By then I was done with my drawings, and has even located the printer/scanner (not hooked up yet) so I sanded and put a second coat of mud on the laundry room patch.

Lumpy. Thank goodness for sanding.

Lumpy. Thank goodness for sanding.

We have been saving our mixed mud (we bought the economy bucket that you have to thin out with water) in an older bucket, and so I tried using that, only it was pretty thick, so the result is going to take extra sanding.
We also finally brought the bathroom sink in.

The sink cabinet I worked so hard on!

The sink cabinet I worked so hard on!

And we finally got started on gluing down the laundry room floor.

The glue has to sit before you put the flooring on it

The glue has to sit before you put the flooring on it

The big experiment of the night was attempting baked pasta in an electric skillet.


How did it work? Well it would have been better had it not had to sit for half an hour on “warm” while they did something with the floor. But it was okay. Not as good as oven baked. Someday we will get the kitchen walls done and hook up the stove.
After that it was two episodes of Tytania and then bed time. Ah! How exciting. But at least things are finally coming together.
And that’s all from me. I know, nothing exciting, but at least I’m blogging.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂
P.S. and for no reason, here are the four things I drew, completely out of context.






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