Happy New Year


Happy New Year! It is officially 2015 and here’s hoping it is better than 2014. I say that but in truth 2014 was not *really* that bad. Yes, my mother-in-law and my aunt passed away, my book is months behind, and there was all that in-law drama bullshit that just kept dragging on and on, but there were good things too. We bought an awesome house, we’ve got three rooms almost remodeled, we moved without too much incident. We have heat and water and electricity and food. We have a reliable vehicle. We have friends and family who, in a pinch, will admit they like us. We’re alive, if not exactly in good health. So seems to be pretty good. But then I am kind of an optimist I guess. When asked if the glass is half empty or half full my answer is “I get a glass?? Whoo-hoo!”
I’d do more musing but I’m blogging from my phone. I know I said that uploading photos from my phone used up waaaay too much space because the pictures are huge but hubby fixed that for me. No I didn’t break down and pay the 20$, he made me a webpage that automatically resizes them for me. I upload, it makes them the size I want, and then I download the small versions, blog, and delete them from my phone. How awesome is that? Hubby is really a genius. Like any couple we have our ups and downs, days where we want to kill each other and so fourth. But in the end we’re suited to one another and I’m quite happy that we found one another and got married.
OK. Enough sappy stuff. On to the new year’s eve party!
Mel hosted at her place.


Angry elf watches us


It was a small but happy gathering


Jess and Bill



Mel and Dave


Like any modern group of people we didn’t quality time looking for photo ops.


Me and Mel



Chucky and Mel


OK, actually or kind looks like Mel is a selfie whore Lol! For those wondering, Mel is my best friend from high school. Well, actually before high school. I’ve known her since I was 6 and she was 7. And as old as we are getting that is a long time! Just like with hubby we have gone through different stuff; stretches where we didn’t really see one another and a massive six month fight back in the day, and we’ve missed a lot of important stuff of the other person’s that we should have been there for, but it’s just one of those things where it doesn’t really matter. Or at least I don’t think it does anyway. I’d say everyone had that one friend like that, so they know what I’m talking about, but sadly lots of people don’t. It’s one of the things I am grateful for.
Anyway, so party. We had a good time, no doubt partially thanks to:


This stuff wasn’t bad



I love this stuff


And what party is complete without pizza??


Monica was the pizza angel!


I did kind of feel bad that our Monica had to work new year’s eve. It’s interesting to me that everyone has such a fit this year about retail employees working holidays but no one cares about gas station employees, who have to be there so all the holiday goers can get gas and soda and pizza, CNAs, nurses, and doctors who work ER or nursing homes, because residents don’t disappear just because it’s a holiday, etc. I had a discussion on fb with someone who argued back that nurses etc were careers… But CNA is hardly a career, and gas station jobs certainly aren’t. I speak from a place of understanding because hubby has had to work new years eve every year for a looooong time. Not to mention other holidays, since as I said, nursing homes don’t close. It’s just interesting how it’s okay in public opinion for one bunch to have to work (because we need them) but not for the others.
Speaking of things that are odd, there was an overall wearing moment.



By midnight we had adjourned to the TV so we could watch the ball drop ( which I haven’t done since 1998).


I was happier than I look here. This took a LOT of concentration to get this pic at the time LOL!


We hung around for awhile and then headed home to bed.  So all in all a good start to the year. How yours was as fun, and if you were one of the gas station attendants, pizza delivery people, store clerks, CNAs, emergency workers, or any of the other thousands who had to work so the rest of us could have a good time then thank you!
And happy new year!
Jo 🙂



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