In Which Nothing Gets Done

Literally. Nothing. We didn’t even sir around watching TV. I wrote at my book, meaning I sent some Facebook messages about the newsletter you can sign up for – – if you’re interested. I’m pushing the newsletter because Facebook is rolling out new rules that are trying to stop advertising posts. They say it’s because people have complained about the pages they like advertising, but as a page owner if I want around the new rules I can pay Facebook and still advertise…. Yeah. So much for it being about people not wanting to see advertisements, huh?
Of course everyone is conflicted about what will take facebooks place. G+ might do it, simply because we all ashtray have accounts there we’re not really using. Or at least I do. There’s also . If you haven’t heard of it you need to use someone’s link to join. Feel free to use mine:
So what else did we do…Well… I really don’t know what else. Hubby made bread.



It was tasty. He is actually quite a good cook. Since he got the job in the kitchen he’s gotten better because his main problem has always been wandering away while cooking so things burn and of course working there he can’t wander away so he’s getting used to hanging around and keeping an eye on it.
I really can’t think of anything worth saying, and if you don’t have anything to say you should stop talking, or so the saying goes, so instead I will share my dinner with you:



Steak and twice baked potatoes. Oh yeah. We ended up with a lot of meat. The Iowa steak guys had extra cases and so they talked my brother into a really good deal. But since we don’t have a deep freeze we’ve had to stick some of it at dad’s house. We’re planning to buy one tomorrow when we go to Omaha.
OK. I’m leaving now. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂


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