Not a Lot

Yesterday’s big accomplishment was to get the grocery shopping done, and to sort out the details of the plot changes to my book. My book. That always sounds silly to me, like a kid saying “look what I can do.” Or at least it does when *I* say it. It is *the* book, just as it is *the* brother or *the* hubby. Probably something psychological there.
I’m now on chapter 18, we have food to eat, I glued a crab’s eyeballs back on, and I almost finished the last of the brother’s new year’s wine.


I also did dishes and all that boring crap, though I did get the kitchen counter cleaned completely off for the first time since we’ve moved here. It really is turning into a real room, and all the tools, and putty, and industrial cleaners are out of there and right where they belong: in the dining room of course. Ha ha! You didn’t think we were that close to a real house yet, did you?
Not much else. Hubby is off getting his physical from his first interview then he has his second one, so fingers crossed. While I’m alone I am gonna listen to loud music and finish 18 I hope and maybe get into 19. So cross your fingers for me too!
Jo 🙂


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2 responses to “Not a Lot”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    When you write “the hubby” what or “the brother” etc what it seems to me to suggest is that you are setting out in your mind and to the public a statement of autonomy – that you have these relationships, and value and indeed honour them, but you are still your own person. That is admirable according to me.

    Chapter 18 is good. Chapter 19 will be better. Your dining room is putty in your hands…

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