It’s Still Cold

And I think it will be forever.


Despite the fact that that tree manages to have leaves I think it’s really all dead. Or at least it is if you measure the number of sticks and branches the thing drops. I spent October picking them up. Again and again. There’s like a million new ones. *sigh*
Yesterday I worked on book covers and started answering emails because my auto reply didn’t work. My fault. I set it for 2014. Lol!
Aside from that we watched episode two of Red vs Blue. It’s a bizarre, bizarre experience. With mom being in Omaha we can’t watch Bleach or Full Metal Alchemist – which dad is grateful for because he hates Bleach. Mainly he didn’t watch it from the beginning and so finds it confusing. Lol!
The brother painted a tiny bit on the kitchen cabinets and other than that the men sat around watching Myth Busters all day. Must be nice.
I don’t really have anything to say so I leave you with food pictures.



Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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