And so we gain a piano

Yes, I said a piano. No, none of us can play it, but it has been a lifelong “thing” of my mother’s to own one. Why she didn’t get one back when we lived in a larger house and she ran things (aka when I was a kid) I don’t know, but I have been watching the free page on Craig’s list and one popped up. In Randolph, which is about an hour and a half or so from us. But it was free.
So it was adventure time.
It was a b**** to load up, and it turned out we only had two straps with us, but…


We had to cruise through Shen so we stopped at Mondo’s.



We then stopped at Walmart where I ran into people I know. So Walmart is still the place I go for social interaction. Lol!
We stopped in Coin so Dad could straighten out his water bill.


Then it was homeward, through Clarinda.


Anyway we got the piano home and after the circus of unloading it we got in inside.





Inside were these weird little baggies….


They look like sachets except their empty. But being empty I guess that means they aren’t hex bags either. My cousin suggested that were there to detour moths from munching the felt hammers – and he’s probably right – but perhaps the piano is cursed and these bags are blessed and so are holding the curse back… Or something similar. After all, the previous owners were very, very grateful to us for taking it. They kept thanking us*.
Then hubby and the brother went to Omaha and picked up a computer tower and a kitchen cart that I have been looking for.


I am planning to paint it red.
And that sums up the exciting day. Yay!
Was your day more exciting than mine?
Jo 🙂


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An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at or drop me a line at

2 responses to “And so we gain a piano”

  1. moonvapors says :

    I didn’t get a piano for the same reason I didn’t get a horse. Your dad said no. He said no for the same reason my dad always said no when people gave me pianos as a kid, because he knew who would have to move it.

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