Someone who wanted to entertain their readers could think of clever posts to do every day. Years ago, when I did National Blog Writing Month, I had clever, fun posts that I sometimes spent hours on. That was back in my MySpace days when I had more time. Now I just bore you. Oh well. I don’t have to read this.
Though yesterday was mostly pointless, I did get my books in the mail finally.



These are the new covers I uploaded months ago. The back of Heart of the Raven has a typo I have now corrected but meanwhile I still have the screwy copy. Other than that I am quite happy with them. In fact I think they are pretty.
Speaking of covers I worked on the cover for book 7 while I stewed on what Sorino is up to. I have conquered both, but will share neither right now. Gwahaha!
As to the house….mmm. We’re at a… Not a nice place. You might remember that as we started pulling up the dining room carpet we found a cut in it… Well this cut forms a big square:


We have figured out it’s purpose: this is how they installed the new furnace. The cut goes all the way through and suffice to say what is holding it up is pretty sad. I’m surprised the last tenants did not end up in the basement when standing there. So, my uncle told the guys how to fix it. (I won’t lie, it confused me a bit, but then I generally need visuals or else I need to read it where I can pause and visualize. Verbal descriptions go over my head). We have the wood and such to do it with, so the brother and the hubby had the task of going down to the basement to do it….
They secured ONE side of it – the side that is in the doorframe, right under the threshold plate, where NO ONE steps. When asked why they did not do the rest they initially replied “we wanted to make sure it helped before we did”. Really?? Of course it helped! So when pressed they admitted it’s ” a pain ” and “it’s been fine all this time so why rush?” Gee, an infected wound starts out “fine” too until one day you die of gangrene!
I’m getting pretty fed up. Of the two of us I’m the only one with income right now (long story but let’s just say they cut his hours down until it cost more in gas than he made) so since I have to be on the laptop working on things to make this income why the f*** can’t hubby do some f***ing work around here?? He pisses and crabs and plays on his goddamn phone and says “do it yourself” but if I am doing EVERYTHING myself wtf is the purpose of him? *disclaimer: I am mad at him now so there’s a chance I am over exaggerating as most people do when they are mad. End disclaimer*
The floor is also a bone of convention because it looks like crap. I don’t mean the floor in general (though the photos make it look terrible – the stains are not that dark in person) it’s the cut I’m talking about. A couple of people have casually said “if it was me, I wouldn’t replace the boards, just fill that full of putty” because, of course, filling it full of pity will fix where the boards DO NOT LINE UP!!


I don’t even know how this is possible, but there it is. Now tell me how putty is going to make those lines suddenly line up. I suggested we look into how hard it works be to replace the cut boards (I know zero about wooden floor installation so I would need to research it before I know whether it’s viable. I am not sure for instance how they are held down. I don’t see any nails. Are they tongue and groove like the floating floors? Are they glued? Are they nailed with tiny nails?) but when I mention the query, everyone who does know automatically says “you’ll never find small boards like that”. Really? Because boards only grow in one size, right? And no one can cut them? Seriously???? I’m pretty sure we can find boards and I am pretty sure that since we’re going to eventually restain it, it would be fine. And even if they are tongue and groove and need fit together we have to start basically in her doorway so that’s at the edge… In the end we might end up with the putty but all the bull sh** saying “you won’t even see it ” is just that because the boards DO NOT LINE UP!!
But since the dear hearts have suggested the putty, the brother and hubby have run with it and refuse to entertain any other ideas. “If you want it replaced do it yourself.” This just circles back to my earlier point.
The truth is I’d LIKE to do it myself. I enjoyed it, and would love to get off the f***ing computer and do something real. But since people demand food I don’t really get a choice.
All right. Enough ranting. We did get some more carpet pulled up, as I said, so that we could move the piano because the half wood, half carpet wasn’t working.


Floor aside, I sold two book covers.



Sent some others off for approval, and have several I need to start. I also need to finish writing book 7 and blah, blah, blah.
So I am going to end this. Here’s a gratuitous photo of my lunch:


And of a cat watching a squirrel.


And I’m outta here. Have a good one!
Jo πŸ™‚


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An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at http://JoleeneNaylor.com or drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com

4 responses to “Ranting”

  1. Penny says :

    OMG – your blogs crack me up…even more is the obligatory lunch pic LMAO

  2. Steve Evans says :

    Stop telling me (and others) your posts are boring. What are ya?

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