Let There be Pocket Doors

The pocket doors were pretty much the highlight yesterday. You may reminder I mentioned them waaaaay back. We found them in the doorway between the dining room and the front room but they wouldn’t open. Investigation revealed they would not open for the same reason the door into the laundry room would not open.
The carpet.
It was nice carpet. Really nice carpet. Okay, it needed cleaned, but that’s just life. Still we valued our doors more and so as you know we’ve been ripping that stuff out in bits (besides, who carpets a dining room??) Yesterday the last of it went.


We’re leaving the cronyism carpeted right now. A peek under it revealed it has the same wood floor as the dining room, but we tend to sit on the floor in the living room so the cushy carpet is nice.
Anyway, the carpet was up, so now we had to pull out those doors. One came easily…


But the other was a pain. Eventually though there they were.


They serve to show how badly the woodwork had been restained. Stripping that and redoing it are on the “eventual” list. The doors, on the other hand, don’t redone.
Thank God something doesn’t!
In other news the laundry room woodwork finally got put up.


You can see that poor curtains are too long. We were planning to hem them but the sewing machine is missing. It may be in Missouri still. *sigh* hopefully next month we can go down and get some more stuff.
Also yesterday, the woodwork for the kitchen got painted.


It may need one more coat them out goes up and that’s done. We went ahead and put the kitchen drawers back in, even though they’re not painted, so we can start organizing the kitchen. We’ll just do them one at a time and pull the stuff out of them while the being done. Though actually they’re just the fronts so they could potentially stay put. We have the retro hardware that came with the house that we’re going to put back on.
I need to spend some time bringing all the kitchen stuff downstairs. Right now most of it is boxed in the sunroom and we just have the basics – when we go to fetch something is like going shopping Lol!
I need to get to work on the book. The troublesome scene is finished – yay! – so time to get too work on another. I leave you with homemade French fries.


Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at http://JoleeneNaylor.com or drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com

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