Hubby Gets Scalped

OK. He’s not *really* scalped, but it was a better title than “My Father Stuffs Us Full” or “I Discover that a Dead Character has been Pretending to be Alive in Several Chapters”. Since those were the noteworthy incidents
So. Hubby. I trimmed his hair. He claimed I scalped him. I say I cut off his split ends. You decide.



As for Dad stuffing us, he decided to go out to lunch (he’s still staying with us). We went to Clarinda. On a Sunday. At 2pm.
Everything is friggin closed. Except Ice House. I have only been there once, years ago when it was in the crummy building, and we didn’t eat, I just had a strawberry daiquiri. (Dad took me because I was 21).
The first thing we were greeted with was a restaurant closed sign. Really??? But it turns out the bar portion sells food too, so….
After Oinkers we wanted to try the onion rings.


There were a lot of onion rings. So many in fact I am eating reheated leftovers now. (Popped them in the oven for a bit). They’re good. Not as good as Oinkers though because they aren’t the sweet onion, but they’re still really good. Then my dinner arrived.


90% of it is in my fridge for lunch tomorrow. What I had of it was good though. (It’s chicken parmesana if you don’t know).
We lingered there trying to force more of the meal in until they turned the lights out. I’m guessing it’s because it was moving towards evening and they wanted the sports bar ambience, but I thought it was odd.
Other than that dad watched documentaries on WWII, I honestly can’t remember what hubby or the brother did, and I wrote. Now I need to get back to it and fix that little problem I mentioned while hubby sluffs insulation or of the wall. Fun times.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂


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