DIY Land

Yesterday saw some small stuff done. Nothing photo worthy. Though I’ve come to the conclusion we live in DIY land.
Red Oak has four hardware stores (we went to all for yesterday looking for quarter round). Four. There’s True Value, Hardware Hanks, UFMC (also called the Farmer’s Market colloquially) and the Do It Center. In the end it was the Farmer’s Market that had what we needed.
But this begs the question: are there SO many DIYers and construction people in this area that it can support four of these stores? Bolivar had only two that I know of and was at least three times the size of Red Oak. Other attempts went out of business. So who is buying all the plywood, nails, floor tiles and caulk around here?
I have two theories. One is that there are so many cheap reno houses for sale/ recently purchased to be flipped that the DIY business is booming. I know there were a LOT when we first started looking. In fact we set an original budget of 25,000 and found lots of properties with four bedrooms or more that fit. In the end we got this place for just a bit over half of that. Why are the houses going cheap? They’re repossessions from people who couldn’t make their payments. This house was repossessed from an old lady almost a year after her husband died (apparently they hadn’t lived here for a year or two before that so it wasn’t a huge loss to her). Add to that farmers who use nail guns and plywood by the truck load for all kinds of outdoorsy farmer-y stuff (yeah I grew up in a rural area but I was a town kid. I dunno what they use the stuff for) and I think it may solve the question. My second theory is the more credible one though.
Are you ready?
Because that explains, like, everything.
Have a random food picture because I am hungry:


And have a good night.
Jo 🙂


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One response to “DIY Land”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    It may be, since it is Red Oak, that sales of materials and equipment for the Hay Bale Art contest keep the shops going. It may also be that you live in Iowa. Iowa as many do not know is a contraction of Iowafkofalotonthisplaceandhavetofixitupandsellitpronto. It’s an old Indian word.

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