In Which the Cart is Done. Ish.

As in the kitchen cart I used for a title a few days ago. Yeah I’ll use anything for a title.


It has been poly’ed and tomorrow I will set the microwave on it and see if it collapses. If not we’ll have to buy an extension cord because the microwave won’t reach the outlet and it takes a special cord, what with it being high wattage.
I did a bunch of writing, deleting, writing, deleting yesterday. I’m on the final battle sequence. I had a beautiful, cinematic battle planned. It would have been epic on the big screen. In a book written from the PoV of only one character… Not so much. You’d miss so much that I might as well play Bilbo Baggins and conk her the head with a rock (a prime example of a literary cop out if ever there was one). Anyway, the battle will be streamlined, but losing my giant scope also took away everything I had planned to do so I now must do it differently.
The rock is still an option, though. If Tolkien can do it…
I need to do these posts in the morning. I don’t remember yesterday. I had popcorn chicken for lunch:


And we watched Attack of the Giant Leeches while we had dinner.


I expected a really bad movie but was disappointed because it was not half bad (the bad part being the leeches themselves and the hasty explanation at the end). But it was enjoyable.
Mainly the song Cold by Evans Blue is screaming through my head on constant repeat and has been for three days. I have used youtuberepeat to play it over and over – it’s on repeat in my head so why not outside of it too? But that has not stopped it yet. Eventually it will. It will just take time.
And that’s all I have to say except for…
but I’m still here,
’cause I’m so blind,
say never
we’re far from comfortable this time…”


Have a good one!
Jo 😛


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2 responses to “In Which the Cart is Done. Ish.”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    Rather than say “would have looked good” on the big screen, why not say “will look good”…as am sure it will. You shouldn’t both K on the head with a rock though. She deserves worse.

    That cart looks ok to me, as if it is from the 50s. It may be from the 50s…cool…retro in villisca…

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Well it still wine be the same battle. I initially had a multi army plan but broke them up into two separate battles. The first has a punchy ending though that is also pretty cinematic, just not as epically huge.
      That is the look we were going for so all its well 😀 we actually bought it off craigslist from a lady in Omaha

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