No, not the doctor who character, but drawer pulls. With the drawers done in the kitchen we turn our attention to hardware. It came with a complete set of matching hinges ala 1940s or so and a full compliment of handles except, not really. For reasons we don’t know that probably involve them moving around drawers and cupboards (the remnants of old drawers are still in some of the cabinets) we are One.Handle.Short. sure there’s a mismatched handle that was on a drawer but it is obviously not a match.


We actually one this months ago and turned to eBay who since then has had two handles that are 25$ a piece and are not an exact match. For instance they are a 1/4″ shorter. Is that a big deal? Probably not. It would mean redrilling holes, but for 25$ plus S&H I am kind of holding out for something that’s actually what we’re looking for.
Then, my brother looked at the pantry door. Guess what he found?


A matching handle. All this time and we HAD an extra handle that matches – and fits – perfectly. For free.
Yay for being observant.
The handle needs cleaned and they all have a flaky finish issue. I suggested spray paint but one does not exist that is as shiny and the brother refuses to step down on the shine factor even an inch, so we’ll just use them for now and worry when it becomes an issue.
Other than that I wrote.


I’m still on the epic battle because I keep changing it. Hopefully it will be done soon. I am tired of it Lol!
Have a good one 🙂
Jo 🙂


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