American Hydraulics Blue


Yes, that is a shade of blue used by the American hydraulics plant in Red Oak where hubby works. It is a color we will need to get used to because hubby is in the paint department.
Aside from that, the exciting thing yesterday was that hubby got stuck in the ditch. How? He passed a bobcat and wanted a picture, so he pulled into the shoulder to turn around. Only he pulled too far. His efforts to get out of the ditch made it worse and finally he called dad and I. So we strapped on our booties and went to save him.


Only he remembered that we have AAA, and we might as well use it, so he called them, they arranged for a tow truck. He’d just hung up when a guy stopped and offered to pull him out, but hubby declined because the tow truck was coming. That also means he no longer needed us, so dad and I took the KFC and went home. On the way we passed five emergency vehicles with their lights on. Minutes later hubby called. They were there for him. Apparently someone called it in as an accident.
Two hours later dad and I had eaten and watched WWE, but the tow truck had STILL not arrived. Hubby called and said “screw it”. He decided to use my brothers truck to pull his out. We don’t have a chain, and his plan seemed sketchy, but we picked him up and brought him back to get the truck.
Then AAA called. They’d finally found a guy in Atlantic who agreed to come tow it. And he was on the way. So hubby told the guy to call him when he got close and we hung out at home. Anyway, the truck got pulled out – took two minutes total – and hubby got to bed by 10:30. Only a five hour debacle.
Other than that I did some editing and tried to watch Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter on a free Roku channel but it wouldn’t play. Other movies were fine, just it, so I’m going to guess it has a problem.
Have to go. Have a good one 🙂
Jo 🙂


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