Reviewing Reviews

Okay, so I was wrong. Roman won. wOOt! It was a helluva match, too. Worth the $9.99 we pay a month for the WWE channel on Roku.

Random question: Is it abnormal to love the smell of Orscheln’s? I know its mostly the smell of car tires, but….

Hmmmm. I drew a preliminary of Samael today:


It needs colored and tweaked and all that. I also started on Jamie, but he’s not cooperating and I ran out of time, sooooo….

Can’t come up with much to say. That took all morning, then I ate won-tons for lunch, watched an episode of Supernatural, and now I am working on book covers. I still haven;t written the short story reviews. I need to. I think as authors if we want people to leave us reviews we need to leave other people reviews. I admit, though, I won’t leave a review under three or four stars. If I don’t like it enough to give it that many then I don’t write the review. There have been things, and no, I won’t say what. The reason I don’t is because I know how many positive reviews it takes to equal out one bad review – and most of the books I’m reviewing don’t have very many on them, so that one or two star review of mine could trash their rating completely. I’m not saying other people should do what I do. Everyone has the freedom to post what they want, I just don’t.

Nothing else to say so I’ll end it. Have a good one.

Jo šŸ™‚


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