Door 2.0

I know. More about doors. How can a person possibly be this obsessed with doors? It is a sad thing, but I’m desperate to get them, put them up, and keep those cats OUT of the kitchen once and for all. I have always wanted a kitchen with doors and never had it. Now I will! Gwahahahaha!
Anyway, so the addendum post the other day mentioned that we found a storm door for $10 at Menard’s. What it didn’t get into was that the door I really wanted was a wooden one with an old glass window in it (that way the sunlight from the laundry room will still come into the kitchen with the door shut). But, the door we found at the Re-store, which was exactly that, was in bad shape. Since Hubby’s not here, I can admit that. A gallon of wood putty and a new board or two might have fixed it, but for fifty bucks… Anyway, the storm door was a compromise because I want the doors up ASAP and God knows when I will find a wooden door, with a window, that fits. (32×80 is hard to find for some reason). I mean what are the chances of stumbling on one?
So yesterday, while hubby was at Menard’s picking up the patio doors and buying hardware for the storm door and the double dining room doors, the brother and I walked up to what is essentially am indoor garage sale to look at a lamp.


We bought it though I have no idea where we’re going to put it. Anyway, so while we’re there I notice that holding up a rack of coffee cups is a wooden door with a window. What are the chances it’s the right size?
The planets aligned, Venus descended, and fate stepped in. It was 32×80. But he wanted too much. So the brother talked him down 20$ then got another 10$ by trading him the storm door (we don’t need it now) and the guy threw in hinges and a doorknob for free. Meaning that the hardware hubby just bought had to go back to the store.


But this door is waaaaay better, real wood, and vintage, so I’m happy. Hubby is not but then he’s hard to please Lol! Seriously, though, he just looked sad. He’s used to this stuff by now.
Speaking of Menard’s, we got the patio doors.


It took all of us too move them, but they’re gonna look awesome on the house.
Other than that I spent the day feeling sick, watching Saiyuki Gaiden, and working on teaser images for the book release, which should start posting today assuming the internet gets put in (the FMTC people are here now).
Have a door finding kind of day!
Jo πŸ™‚


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