Is Crowely Running Goodreads?

I don’t have much to say, and I’m cutting it close to midnight. There was a challenge on Opinionated Man’s blog, challenging people to post about an average day in their town, and I have meant to do it but haven;t because I haven’t had an average day lately. I edited some more (rewrote one conversation four times), painted on the kitchen cupboard doors, edited, watched Supernatural (they are mean to Crowley, and speaking of Crowley I HATE his mother. Why does this awesome show always have to have some character we absolutely can’t stand – usually female?), edited…I think you get the point.

We watched Smackdown with dinner. That was good. Just as I thought they’re pushing Bryan over to the Intercontinental Championship since they’ve given the heavy Weight fight to Roman (who was the better choice in case anyone thinks I’m complaining.) It’s what I predicted they’d do, so I felt a bit smarmy.

I did get some book reviews written the other day and pubbed on my blog and on goodreads. Speaking of Goodreads I’m not happy with their decision to take librarian status from authors. Librarian status was something you had to put in for, not something you were given immediately, so to take it away was especially nasty. It’s the sort of underhanded thing Crowley would do. Maybe he’s running things there.

Well, I have nothing interesting to say and I see no reason to bore you, so I’ll end this and get back to Laos where my vampires are.

Have a good one,

Jo πŸ™‚

PS since I have no photo here’s the promo image I posted everywhere today. I have one a day for every day leading up to the book release. How cool is that?


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5 responses to “Is Crowely Running Goodreads?”

  1. Opinionated Man says :

    I like the pic! πŸ™‚

  2. Maegan Provan says :

    It sucks that they took librarian status away because it makes updating our books much more difficult. However, it has to have been because so many trolls were abusing it to hurt authors that they didn’t like. A few bad apples ruining the bunch, you know?

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