To Bed, To Bed

That’s where I’m going after I post this.
Today saw a lot of activity for a change. I worked on book covers until lunch –


then did reno stuff, like….


We planed the door. Though it’s not actually hung yet we did dry fit it and…


Now imagine it painted white. Gonna be cool, huh?
I did not get the bathroom vanity countertop painted because when the brother did the last coat be had the garage door open and…


You can sort of see the little seeds that landed on it and stuck in the paint. To be fair to him, I would have had the same thing happen to me. Anyway, so I sanded and cleaned it.


Then we turned our attention to that horrible mess by the driveway.


The arbor was rotten so we pulled it out and I got half the leaves raked before Dad came.


We walked down to the grocery store.





By then the sun was going down, though I did get some of the Poe tree cleaned up. I hate to say it but it’s 90% dead and absolutely rotten so it’s going to have to go. However it turns out by the handful of live branches that it is a pussy willow tree. There were some fuzzy buds on the downed limbs, so I cut what was alive and stuck it in a vase.


I originally planned to just do that with it until they died – like flowers – but my cousin mentioned something about scraping the tips to get roots to grow so I am going to research that. I have a fondness for those kind of trees because there was one in the park across from the school when I was a kid.


I’ll let you know how it goes.
In other news, I was the super lucky winner of the most awesome giveaway at I Smell Sheep review blog.


Look at all that amazing swag! I don’t know what I love more; the hat, the shirt, or my very own Baart. OK. Maybe it’s Baart.
There were some other things, like mom painted cupboard doors, and the brother painted woodwork around the window, but I’m out of pics and tired, so I’m ending this now.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂
PS tomorrow is release day for Clash of Legends, so check my author blog at for the awesome seven prize give away.

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2 responses to “To Bed, To Bed”

  1. Steve Evans says :

    Is that a flying sheep on that t-shirt?

    Joleene Naylor, who taught me how to say “Jo-rick”, go go go…

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