Writing and Living with Daylight

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged regularly. I think I’m having a hard time working it into our new schedule. Yes, I said schedule. I know, it’s weird, but we need one if we ever plan to get things done. It starts by getting up in the morning (the real morning), having lunch at noon or thereabouts, dinner at six – pm not am – and then was supposed to entail going to bed by ten except instead I’ve scheduled every night after hubby goes to bed for something. Monday is when the brother and I do our Habi Makeover pets, Tuesday we write on the fantasy novel we’re working on (more later), Wednesday is supposed to be for me to write a short story (Tales of the Executioners. Hint. It hasn’t happened yet), Thursday I am supposed to write with another friend on a book ( we haven’t actually managed to do it yet. I think she’s been busy) and Fridays were supposed to be final fantasy night (the video game that is) but hubby has worked non stop Saturdays, so that rules out his staying up.
So, that fantasy book I mentioned. It’s based on posts from a fantasy role play group my brother and I were in called Shenovah. This was back in the mid 2000s on yahoo groups (I used to have so much fun in those!). Anyway, we’ve kicked around making it into a novel series (we’re series kind of people) for years because the world in the RP was all original, and we’ve even hacked at it a few times. Well, we’re finally buckling down and doing it. We’re 80 pages in and at the end of all the pre-written stuff. (Alas the RP group, while fun, was the last one we were involved in. By then everyone in our RP circle had gotten too busy, me included, and the story just sputtered out. The unceremonious end is part of why we wanted to finish it), so from here on its going to be all original, which is more work I think. Rewriting is easier because you have a framework in place already. Though, when we’re done, I’ll still have to go back and rewrite my character’s first chapter ( we’re doing multiple PoV) because I had long ago lost the feel for her and now that I’m finally getting one it’s different than she used to be.
Speaking of old projects, I’m chomping a bit to get on our Thursday writing, too. It’s another project that has been started, restarted, and restarted, again and again. I think we’ve finally discovered the key, so I know if we could just get together on it it could really fly along.
Then of course there’s my vampires. I’ve been supposed to be organizing my notes – that was April’s job – so in May I could start reworking the prequel Patrick to give away to email subscribers. BUT the notes aren’t done yet. I’m on H. I start doing it (usually while the others are watching Game of Thrones – another long story but suffice to say they stated without me and so I don’t know what’s going on, so I don’t watch it, with the hope that someday the universe will align and I’ll have time for more TV and get to watch it on my own or with hubby) but after organizing two or three characters, I get bored and “wander off” to do something else. Three hours later it’s 1 AM and past bed time. *sigh*. I need to knuckle down.
I did have an amazing revelation about book 8 though. There will be at least two more books – I’m kicking around Masque of the Vampire and Goddess of Night for the titles – and then we’ll see. I’m torn on it because I’d happily write them forever, but I worry fans will get bored with it if it drags on for too many books. On the other hand, there are series like Anita Blake or Discworld that have double digit books. I have a poll about it on my website… Let me find the link… http://www.joleenenaylor.com/books/polls.php – if you have an opinion feel free to leave it. You can pick multiple choices, and it’s anonymous. Though as I said, I’m thinking two books more instead of just the one, but we’ll see.
Now that I’ve bored everyone with writing stuff, here’s some even more boring stuff! The kitchen is finally completely organized – even the fridge magnets!



Yeah, I kind of collect them.
We even got the properly sized curtain rods so the curtains don’t fall down anymore.


We just need to build the cubby shelf, buy a countertop, put up the back splash, change the outlets, and put up quarter round. Oh, and hubby needs to build my garbage can cart. But we’re getting closer.
And I need to finish organizing the recipes.
I had planned to do yard work but it’s been raining for days.


And to circle back to books, I finally own the complete set of my own books with the new covers, including Vampire Morsels.



The tower is supposed to be the one Claudius storms. Okay. Truthfully it just looked cool and I thought “well, I could pretend it’s Claudius’s tower” :p
Dinner is hopefully done so I am gonna end this here.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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One response to “Writing and Living with Daylight”

  1. panda1970 says :

    You have a busy schedule! That’s awesome about you and Chris writing a story about our last RPG group, and about the “Final Fantasy” games. I believed, I played the seventh one, years ago.

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