The Red Phone

It’s another uncreative title. In case you can’t guess, I was the recipient of an extremely awesome red vintage style phone for my retro kitchen:


And here is a farther back shot:


How cool is that????? (Yes, we need to do something with the window. It’s being debated still, so waiting for an agreement to be reached.)
And, even cooler, it came with a bonus carrot peeler:


No, I’m not magic. It has a magnet in the handle.
Anyway, so that made my day cheery, considering we had to postpone our BBQ because we were rained out. Boo. Hiss. Boo. We’ll have it next week, rain or shine, so we better invest in umbrellas and rubber boots.
It’s late and I need sleep. Was up working on that fantasy novel I mentioned. We’re writing original stuff now. Ooooooooooooo. I’ve also been organizing my Amaranthine notes and am on M. I’ve found some things I don’t know (OK, must have forgotten) like that Luna was Kateesha’s fledgling, making her sort of like Verchiel’s vampire sister. Hmm. Who knew. Also Des’s mom’s master is the same guy who found Adam on the beach, which apparently explains why Adam was in Oren’s war coven in book 2. There’s a bunch of other little stuff, but I imagine it would bore everyone.
Have a red phone kinda day!
Jo 🙂

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4 responses to “The Red Phone”

  1. Cynthia regier says :

    Just love your kitchen. It is so warm and welcoming. Bet it is a joy to cook in…do you cook? Lol. Seems like you all would rather eat out.

    • Joleene Naylor says :

      Yep! We had a kielbasa and apples skillet fry with hash browns tonight for dinner 🙂 I like baking too, so long as it is not pie crusts. My pie crusts need a chain saw to cut through them.

      • Joleene Naylor says :

        I just noticed it cut off half my comment. Ugh. Anyway, thanks so much! It’s becoming my favorite room too, which in interesting because my first impression when we looked at pics online of the house was “oh.. That has to go” (in fact I rejected houses with better kitchens because I didn’t like them) and I’d planned to rip it out and put in a modern kitchen, then I thought about what my mother-in-law used to say while watching those DIY shows. She always for annoyed when people pulled out perfectly good kitchens and such just because they weren’t “modern enough” when they could just change the cupboard doors or things like that, then as I started thinking how to do that I thought of the old adage about if you can’t do something good, do it so bad people think you did it that way on purpose and thought, heck, let’s do it so retro that it looks like we wanted it that way! And I’m so glad because I really love it better than I would have the kitchen I originally wanted to do – and I’m not thousands in debt.

  2. panda1970 says :

    I was looking up for phones, from the 70’s, and I saw a picture, which closely resembles the one that is in your blog.

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