Poor Baby Birds

Yeah. There’s nothing else exciting going on.



One of them head their head stuck out for awhile today. It was cute.
In other news I spent a lot of time today helping the brother. He’s scanning a book from a hardbound into digital (the author asked him to) BUT the scanner I had that did that was the Kodak… Which is in a storage unit because we replaced it with the HP. (It printed better and scanned better but it’s not wireless and with the death of the desktop that was an issue AND, most importantly, almost every time you printed you had to buy a new 30$ print head. Seriously. Google about it.) Luckily the HP scans to PDF so we’ll use adobe to covert it and… Wrong! The option isn’t there. OK, so we’ll use an online converter, except the online converters can’t detect the text for some reason – which may be why the adobe option won’t show up. We tried uploading other PDFs and they worked fine, but not this one. Finally we found a way through adobe to put an “invisible text overlay” on the PDF, which he can then copy and paste into a word document. Yeesh. If anything this has just convinced me that I want my Kodak back. We can always keep it upstairs and use the HP for everyday printing and scanning, but I want it back.
I did some cleaning, yadda, yadda, cooked lunch and dinner, yadda, yadda, and then we worked on the fantasy book some more. We finished a chapter and are almost done with another. Go us!
Oh, and we planted those tulips.


Said tulips came from hy-vee in a large glass vase – bulbs and all – with the instructions to let them bloom, then throw them out. Seems like a waste to me, so we planned to plant them and see if my black thumb-ed-ness could kill them for sure. I’ve been putting it off because the ground is muddy – and it will probably turn into a hard lump and kill them – but the bulbs were looking septic soaking in the water. Maybe they’re supposed to, but I doubt it. I probably should have googled it, but instead I just asked dad and he said “yep, better get them planted”. So, we’ll see.
And now I am off to bed.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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