Memorial Day

We actually did our memorial day decorating yesterday. I know a lot of people – most people probably – associate memorial day with veterans. Being raised pre-Iraq and with no major military deaths in the family, I’m afraid I don’t associate it with the military particularly. That’s what Veterans Day is for. To me, memorial day is to remember those who came before – ALL the people who came before. Because the soldier did a wonderful thing, but so did his mother, his sister, his brother who couldn’t join and on and on.
My grandmother Mutchler took memorial day very seriously. It was the day to leave flowers on every grave that might possibly be related to you, while reminding everyone of who they were (for example, “That’s your grandpa Mutchler’s sister Lucille, who died young because she got sick and, though she went to the doctor, she and her husband went to the movies instead of buying medicine so she died and the whole family blamed him, which wasn’t fair, so he took their surviving son and never had anything to do with anyone except your great grandma Mutchler). When that was done it was picnic time, usually at Pierce Creek, where we ate, then the men and kids went for a walk and the women chatted and reminisced about those whose graves they’d just visited.
We haven’t had one of those family memorial days since 1997. Having lived in Missouri, far from the local cemeteries, we haven’t decorated graves until last year when we bought one set of flowers for my mother-in-law/father-in-law. I was surprised at how expensive those things are! Especially since I worked at Teter’s for awhile and know how crapily made they are.
Anyway, so this year we’re here, so we figured we should do the rounds. As I said, this was very important to my grandma, who worried no one would put flowers on her grave, because of course those flowers are a symbol of remembering. My dad has very awesomely put flowers on hers, my grandpa’s, and later my uncle Mike’s, even though he and my mom are divorced. My dad is nice like that.
I mentioned that those flowers are expensive? They’re also not biodegradable and I know that cemeteries burn them afterwards. So, feeling “green”, we wanted to use real flowers. Only NONE of ours were blooming, so we had to go to Dad’s for some.



After lunch, we went to the Shenandoah cemetery.

Then we went to the cemetery near Tarkio, Missouri (which is right across the border )

Then, since it was raining off and on, we came home.


Yeah, there were lots of clouds. Standard for our memorial days of old.


But it stopped raining, so I trimmed up the roses when we got home.




And put together the centerpiece for the kitchen.


And today we finally got the kitchen drawers DONE!!



I say done, but should say installed because they now need painted. But they work great. Everything fits and I am very happy with them!
On a side note, remember those flowers that weren’t blooming yesterday? Well they are now.


Oh well. The purple ones were pretty.
And now I leave you. Have a good one.
Jo 🙂

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2 responses to “Memorial Day”

  1. Sharon S says :

    that was an awesome post and tradition. My family never visited cemeteries except for funerals.

  2. panda1970 says :

    My family never visited the cemetery on Memorial day. I remember visiting my mom’s grave on Mother’s day, but that was a long time ago.

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