The House With the Chicken

Apparently we’ve become known as the house with the chicken in the window. Why? Because…


We have a stuffed chicken in the window. Her name is Janice, if you want to know.
Worked on your room yesterday and have all the boxes back into it out of the sunroom. Now to sort clothes and try to figure something out with the closet. It’s tiny. Too tiny. And my dressers are in the garage waiting to be painted, so…
Today I finished organizing my book notes. I have alphabetized, cross referenced, and placed in standard format,185 character entries. Go me! Of course a lot of these aren’t characters that any one but me cares about, but I don’t want to get anything messed up in case someday someone else did care. I’m planning to work on the encyclopedia next. Just need to figure out what I want to do.
We also worked on the fantasy novel some more. I convinced the brother to call our orcs something besides orcs. I have my own magical race in there that I need to work on. I don’t like any of the original terminology we made up waaaaay back when.
Not much else. Have some book covers and email stuff to do tomorrow, need to finish my room and a hundred other things.
I leave you now with plant photos. Enjoy.

Good night!
Jo 🙂

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2 responses to “The House With the Chicken”

  1. panda1970 says :

    Hi, Janice. You look cute.
    You’ve been busy, Jo.

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