Quote Challenge Day Two Fail

This is day two of the quote challenge. I am once again on the phone, so it’s hard to copy all the relevant info from yesterday’s post (you can view it by scrolling down or by clicking the “previous post” option at the bottom of this.) It’s also hard to tag people, so I shall cheat and say anyone who wants to join in is tagged. I know, I always hate that because I think “I want to, but it seems presumptuous, despite their disclaimer”, however I promise it would not be presumptuous of you for several reasons, one being that I have no idea who reads this blog, if anyone. I’m subbed to several, and the writers have been kind enough to return follow, only they follow my author blog (where a hunger games simulator is going right now), so I don’t know who reads this one. Another reason is, as I mentioned, it’s hard to tag people mobile, and third, most of those bloggers are authors with specific blog formats. So, please, please, feel free to click that previous post and join in.
Today’s quote is also sort of a failure because I can’t find it. I read it on a flicker account once, properly credited and all neat and tidy, and have never found it again. Google was no help and it’s getting late, so I will paraphrase:

A photographer is someone who wants to live life twice – unknown (to me)

It’s a good quote because I think it’s very true. A photograph is a sort of immortality; you, your clothes, your setting, your actions, captured forever, for future generations to look at and ponder, “why is she holding that?” Or “what IS that thing he’s wearing?” Or “I wonder where that was taken.” That’s why I find it so utterly depressing when someone passes away and their photos are just tossed like so much rubbish. It may just look like glossy photo paper to you, but that’s their immortality you’re tossing into the bin. It’s sad and horrible, and that’s why I’d like to start collecting random old photos, even though I’ll die with no descendants and someone will probably toss them into a bin. At least I’ll have tried
In happier topics, it’s storming. I got some lovely cloud photos with the update camera.

Pretty, huh?
And now it’s late, so I bid you goodnight and say “have a good one”.
Jo 🙂

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2 responses to “Quote Challenge Day Two Fail”

  1. dm yates says :

    I love clouds. Great pics.

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