Slicing Watermelons

I haven’t felt very well for the last three or four days. Eh. It happens. It’s annoying because it shoots my productivity down to about zero – and there is SO much to do! I have the illustrated handbook to finish, a novel to beta read for a friend and fellow author, house keeping, renovation work, yard work, and on and on. And the fogging wasn’t as easy as they made it sound (it never is) and we’ve had to redo chunks of it, which take forever, and then I have a handful of book covers…


Primal scream over, ha ha!

As to the illustrated handbook I am on R. For the beta reading I am less than half done. And as for the rest I haven’t done crap. Hubby got me a new glue gun to work on the bathroom trash can with. The bird feeder, nightstands, and dressers are in the garage waiting to be painted, heck, the kitchen drawers still need painted – the list goes on. The point is I have done none of this and am getting especially irritated about it. Some of the irritation is at my co-inhabitants – I always have to be the cheerleader, the one saying “let’s go! let’s do this! we can get ‘er done!” so when I am feeling draggy and thinking “no,we can’t,” there’s no one to push *me*. No one to say “You can do it! come on!” they just say “Yay! let’s all take a sick day (or days)”, which then just makes things worse because not only is nothing getting done on the house, but the cleaning and other things pile up and fall behind so then it’s even more stressful trying to play catch up. For all of us. But, I am also irritated at myself because I *know* they won’t cheer-lead me along, so I should be used to it at this juncture and able to just shove myself along.

I don’t know. It’s one of those things, I guess.

Father’s Day was sort of a bust. We had planned to go to SAC but after dropping a fortune at the laundromat:

we  rescheduled that for this weekend and took him out for dinner instead. We wanted to go to OInker’s in Atlantic but it was closed so we went to the West Something Something instead. Though they have an ice cream bar, we probably won’t go again:

Dad’s meal was no better, and since his birthday and Father’s Day are right next to one another, I made him a strawberry pie to make up for it:


We got some of those trick candles, so that was fun, and watched Happy Days on Hulu. Why not?

Speaking of Dad, he’s been scalped:


When he left this morning he had shoulder length white hair. Now he’s bald. It was a shock to everyone.

In other news I got my author t-shirt in the mail:


And my free Snapfish coffee mug, which I plan to do an author giveaway with, either on my blog or facebook, one of these days. It came out nice.

wpid-073.jpgI got the code for it as a reward for using “Genuine HP ink” in my printer. Weird, huh?

I also ordered some Moo business cards through Klout (again only paid S&H) but they will have the Klout symbol on one side. Like I care. I have a bunch of cards already, but I can’t find them (they’re “in a box somewhere”) so no point in paying a fortune for new ones in the meantime. Besides, free is always good.

And that about covers it, I think, aside from moaning and slopping around the house taking six times longer than usual to do anything. Just thinking about it makes me feel sad and draggier, so here’s a cheering-up cat picture.wpid-065.jpgDo you feel cheered up? I would if the blighter actually loved me best like she was supposed to, ha ha!

And with that I end this rambling bit of pointlessness.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

Song stuck in my head – Clone Your Lover by Zeromancer

P.S. I mentioned the watermelon slicer some time back and was asked how that worked, so here you go:

wpid-0310.jpg wpid-0211.jpg wpid-0112.jpg wpid-0017.jpg


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4 responses to “Slicing Watermelons”

  1. YesterdayAfter says :

    Joleene don’t worry about things, at the moment focus to get well! Then things would be done 😉 wish you well ❤

  2. panda1970 says :

    You’re BUSY!
    I hope you get well soon.
    My Aunt June can related. There are things she wants to do, such as clean and rearrange my room, but she’s too tired to do it because things constantly come up.

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