Facebook Free Day 1

After last night’s melt down (I had several other rants but I didn’t publish them), I have sworn off Facebook for awhile. I know it’s the top marketing social network, and by staying away I’m losing Klout scores and dropping off of people’s streams, so when I do go back fewer paper will see my posts (features meant to keep you there and keep you active!) But I’m willing to risk it because otherwise I am going to be really rude to some people. And I think that’s worse for my image.
So how did I do? It’s only fair to say that while I did turn notifications off, I left pokes, the Facebook messenger, and birthday notices, so I can still tell people happy birthday. And messenger I talk to important people through – like we’re planning a bbq in one chat – and poking is just pointless button pushing, so why not? But other than that, no posts, no stream, no checking to see what comments people wrote on my stuff. Even though mom tried to tempt me by saying that 30-some people liked my last post. Heck, I did not even post photos. Not even this cool one:


Though people may get photos tomorrow since that’s when the aforementioned BBQ is and my friend is a selfie whore 😉 (nothing wrong with that).
Anyway, the first thing to note is that I survived. Yes, even without cat memes. The second thing is that hubby, who has not given it up, spent quality time showing me all the “funny stuff” on his stream (no cats, though. We have different taste in funny.). So whether you can count it as Facebook Free, or really just Facebook interaction free, I don’t know.
On with the day. Helped the aunt and uncle unload a uhaul and Dad apparently wanted to go out to eat, so we decided to try the new pizza place in Red Oak – except it was closed. So we went to the Rainbow Cafe instead.


It was a cute Cafe/bar. Hubby went for the big 50/50 burger:


And I opted for chicken strips.


The ‘rents were just happy to find a place finally that serves breakfast all day. That’s not popular around here for some reason.
I can’t think of much else to say except to rant about people vandalizing artwork (which infuriates me), so I’ll end this and hit the hay.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂
P.S. here’s some book covers I’ve done semi-recently.





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2 responses to “Facebook Free Day 1”

  1. panda1970 says :

    I’m sorry there are people ruining your time on Facebook.
    I love your books covers.

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