Quote Day Three

We’re on the third day of the quote a day challenge – which Waffle Me This was kind enough to tag me in. Using song quotes makes it hard – hard to choose which one! I could probably go for a month or more posting a song lyric a day. I’m a music-holic, I admit. I can go without reading (bad to admit for a writer, but there is the truth), without TV, without movies, even without internet, but not without music. In another life I’d have been a musician, but since i have zero talent I shied away from it in this one. Maybe I should have married a musician? Nah. I’m fond of hubby as he is.

In that theme, today’s quote comes from another nineties band who is still kicking around, Gin Blossoms. They’re an under-appreciated band with some great tunes – I like all of their albums, which is a rare thing. Most bands have at least one album I don’t like or else feel “eh” about. This may be for the same reason that reviewers on Slacker got a little snarky – they haven’t changed their sound. As one review says about their newest album “No Chocolate Cake sets its sights on maintaining the band’s audience rather than reclaiming a spot in the mainstream.” Meaning they aren’t trying to get on MTV, they just want to make their current fans happy. And what’s wrong with that? As a writer I constantly hear about making the next book more “mainstream” to capture that audience, to “write what sells” to spend all my time marketing to capture these new readers. Sure, I’d like to keep getting new fans – without some new fans you stagnate as old ones fall off or die – but what’s wrong with working harder to please the ones you already have instead of trying to turn yourself into something else to court new ones?

Which leads me into today’s quote. This one comes from As Long as it Matters:

There’s nothing that I could want
More than to tell you
There’s no more than we’ve already got

And that’s pretty much where i am in life right now. Sure, I’d like to be rich, or I’d like to have a bigger house (we could use more room), or I’d like to be an international best seller, or a thousand other things, but I don’t really NEED any of them to be happy and I don’t need – or want – them enough to do the things necessary to get any of them. I think that’s kind of the test as to whether you *really* need or want something. Are you willing to do what you need to do to get it? No? Then you may kind of want it, but you don’t *want* it because if you did – if you *really* wanted it – you’d be willing to make the sacrifices to get it. I don’t even mean big things like houses or cars or success, but even small things.

This is getting long (I’m on the laptop if you can’t tell) so to wrap things up, we put the table together today (sans the middle leaf):


I’m still painting the pieces of the cart for the laundry room


though a disturbing thing happened when I started the newest can of paint – no paint came out, just this gray dust:


Yeah, I was not happy.

A more cheerful thing is that we got the dutch girls hung up in the kitchen:


my mom made those in the ’80s out of plaster and painted them. She made a bunch of them for the church bazaar and then made my grandparents and herself each a set (I also got one painted pink to match my room). This red pair was Grandma Harris’ and after she passed away I nabbed them. My mother hates them (when trying to decide where to hang them she kept suggesting the inside of cupboards or a barn) but I love them.

And I’m outta here. Gonna do some formatting then I may get some plastic to spread out and start priming the kitchen drawers hubby made a bit back.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂


About Joleene Naylor

An independent author, freelance artist, and photographer for fun who loves anime, music, and writing. Check out my vampire series Amaranthine at http://JoleeneNaylor.com or drop me a line at Joleene@JoleeneNaylor.com

5 responses to “Quote Day Three”

  1. wafflemethis says :

    Another good one Joleene. Song lyrics do make wonderful quotes. Be my guest go on for the next month posting them I’m quite enjoying looking at the lyrics and trying to figure out the song and band before reading the post could be a good post idea☺☺😉

  2. dm yates says :

    Ok. That can of spray paint – really weird. But those Dutch figurines – I love them! Your house is coming along nicely.

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