Quote Day 4

Yes, I know my Quote Day Challenge is up, but as I mentioned on day 3, I may go for thirty of them. Or I may not. Who knows?

In the meantime, today’s quote is another nineties’ gem (maybe they had the best lyrics?) from Deep Blue Something on their album “Home”. One thing that sets that album apart from the other stuff I was listening to then, is the band’s sense of humor (One example is the song “Done” – the last song on the cassette tape’s side A – whose  lyrics say “Flip her over man, she is done” – amusing because once that song ended, one did indeed have to “flip ‘er over”) in that vein,  today’s quote is a little silly:

I hear little voices and they say we’re okay.


I had planned out a lengthy, deep discussion on the undertones of this quote, but time and a freezing laptop are not on my side, so you’ll have to imagine it. Pretend it was really compelling and used some big words, just to make me seem extra smart, ha ha!

Other than that I haven’t gotten much done. I primed one of the four drawers hubby made:


and the laundry cabinet


Yesterday was WWE Battleground. My Uncle Junior, and Aunt Carol and Uncle Dave were here, as well as Dad and the rest of us, so we had quite a group. The amusing part was we tried to order a sandwich platter from Caseys (like we did last time) however they said they needed twenty-four hours notice. They don’t need twenty-four hours notice to make sandwiches, or to put toppings in plastic containers (both of which they did for us later), only to cut them up in small pieces and put them on a plate. Weird. Anyway,  I we went up half an hour before the start of the show, bought five sandwiches, got the toppings on the side, then when we got home I cut them up myself. We ended up with more sandwiches and saved five bucks.

the left overs

the left overs

The uncle brought watermelon and then we had a pie from Perkins:

wpid-05.jpgIt was good.

As to the show, it was also good. For a change I didn’t *know* who would win (usually you have a pretty good idea), so it made things more suspenseful. I do think revealing Luke Harper was a mistake. I’d have dragged out the mysterious guy in the hoodie angle a bit longer and then revealed it at Summer Slam or else on Smackdown right before Summer Slam, then at Summer Slam have Roman and Harper duke it out. But that’s me. I was happy with the Divas’ match for once – I am beyond sick of the Bella Twins and Page, so seeing Charlotte win was a nice change. Hopefully they are going to do something more with the Divas division than they have been doing: a bunch of scantily clad women shrieking and jiggling. They have several who can actually put on a better show than looking sexy and having cat fights, and it would be nice to see them utilize that and move a little away from the underwear, bra, wiggle my butt crap. I was glad to see Cena defeat Owens (I hate, hate, hate Owens), and hopefully that means Owens will move on to a new rivalry/story line (though I doubt it), and the end of Lesnar and Rollins fight was one I did not see coming. I knew that Rollins would retain the title, but I assumed he’d do something to get disqualified (like usual), so it was a nice surprise. And the Undertaker is always good.

I leave you now with a cat photo:


You can see Dad over to the side watching WCCW on the WWE channel.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

PS. The hibiscus are blooming!



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  1. wafflemethis says :

    Nice one Joleene I only have two big words to describe this totally amazing awesome blog….. mmmmmm pie

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