Zum Bars

I got mostly caught up on book covers today, did some file cleaning, and formatted the document and made a wrap around for one of my mother’s poetry books to be printed in paper back. Oh, and I typed up my great grandmother’s poetry – or the little bit of it we have. I thought about putting it on smashwords. I can’t imagine anyone else in the family having a problem with it, especially since I’d make it free. I’m also kicking around the idea of putting it in a book called “Generations of Verse” or “Legacy of Rhyme” or something cooler but along those lines, and including her poems, a selection of my mother’s, and some of mine. I haven’t mentioned it to mom yet, but I can’t see her objecting. Just haven’t decided on it all. It would also be free too. I don’t think poetry books are big sellers, anyway, and I’m not really known as a poet…
There’s no new house news. I broke down today and opened my zum bar. What is this? Zum bars are only the most awesome goat milk soap in the world!



I bought this last year at the super Hy-Vee in Springfield with the idea that we’d only open it when the bathroom was finished. Fast forward a year and the paneling is not up, nor are the vents swapped out. But I needed a freshly scented, creamy soap pick me up, so I caved and opened it anyway. Otherwise I may never get to enjoy it. (Yes. I enjoy soap. And showers.)
Hubby is concerned we may not go anywhere this weekend, though I didn’t tell him, I don’t think it would be a bad thing. Maybe we could FINALLY get the paneling cut and put up. Then we’d need to paint and poly. Or maybe we should cut, then paint, then poly, then hang. But that always means touch ups…. Hmmmm…
I need to get back to the laundry cabinet now that the cover rush is over. Speaking of covers, I’ll close with a few and then I am off to bed.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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  1. dm yates says :

    Never heard of these.

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