I Killed HIS Baby.

I almost never reblog, but this post is worth it. When I was in my early twenties I head a friend who got his girlfriend pregnant. He wanted the baby, she did not. He offered to take full custody the moment it was born, never inconvenience her or even make her see it. She refused. He got a lawyer who told him “you have no rights until it’s born – and if it’s never born you never have any rights.” In the end she aborted it. I remember him coming over to our place that night and crying because he had wanted that baby. So many times we forget as a society that the baby is also the man’s. Yes, there are men that don’t want them, but there are those that do. An excellent post from someone who has been through it.


I have come across the inspiration, again, to write about something that is extremely hard for me to write. It is real. It is painful. It is something that I am scared to tell you about.

It is a secret that I have kept for too long. It is a secret, that deserves to be shared. Hopefully, hopefully you can look past what I have done, and hear the message behind what I have learned.

As hard as this is, I know it needs to be done. My actions have directly caused the pain of one man in this world, and that’s not fair. My not talking about it, indirectly causes the pain of every single man in this world, that is just like this one man that I hurt so badly.

My courage to speak up. The small amount of courage that I have mustered up, is completely thanks…

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