Un-Truth and Consequences

The evil lie monster. Or a giant octopus. You decide.

What is truth? Some people (like my mother) claim there is no such thing, but there is. There is the truth about things you’ve done, things you’ve said, and things you haven’t done. And once you stray from it, sometimes you can’t get back without consequences.

I won’t get into the details because it’s unprofessional, but recently I’ve been battling such a snowballing effect. Someone I worked with started with a tiny lie, and as the weeks passed that lie got more and more elaborate, more involved, and finally was such a mess they had to unfriend me on Facebook to try to keep it going (I know what unfriended looks like when I check my Facebook friends list and they’re not there). The question I have is why couldn’t they just tell me the truth in the first place? Why did it need to turn into something that has stressed out both of us (and my family by extension)? Why couldn’t they just be honest?

I believe they had good intentions to begin with – they really meant that they were going to do what they said. But when it kept going and they couldn’t fulfill the promise, they should have said “I’m sorry. Can we work something else out?” Rather than to continue the charade. The further it went, the deeper it got, and, worse, they obviously thought I was stupid to keep buying one impossible excuse after another.

And that’s the part that upsets me the most. Not the lack of delivery, but that they thought I was dumb enough not to figure out the cascade of lies falling one after another. That they had so little regard for my intelligence. That they assumed I would nod along, like a hypnotized zombie.

I may be many things, but zombie I’m not. The unavoidable confrontation has occurred, though I have yet to check and see their reply – if they replied. I’m too upset right now to read it rationally. The whole thing has left me with a pent up aggravation I can’t seem to get rid of. I’ve been leaving opinions on blogs and Facebook posts (something I almost never do – as an author I can’t risk offending someone for fear of troll reviews). I’ve tried channeling it –  I’ve been writing at a short story (I had an idea for one the other day and I think I can make it work into one of the Tales of the Executioners), but I can’t settle to it or to the research I need to do. I did a lot of painting (things, not pictures), and  pulled some weeds, but it didn’t help. Even tidying the garage didn’t make a difference (so much for the “nesting makes you feel better” theory). I really don’t know what will. Mainly I’m wishing for someone to smack (both figuratively and literally). Luckily for everyone I know, I’m aware that smacking someone won’t help – even smacking the perpetrator wouldn’t fix anything.The trouble is, I don’t know what will.

Karma is a ninja turtle

Which brings me to my point. They say the truth will set you free and, while this is not necessarily true, lying only compounds your original problem. The reaction you fear isn’t half as bad as the reaction they’re going to have when they find out you’ve been lying – and they will find out, one way or another. So man up, and start with the truth. After all, they may not be as zen as me about smacking someone.

Have good one,

Jo 😦


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