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At Last

At last, after having owned this house for over a year, one room is 100% done. Finished. Completed. Well, sans some decorating items but that doesn’t count towards reno done-ness. Fittingly, it is the first room we started on last summer: the laundry room.

It looks pretty good.
Despite this victory I feel blah. Sort of hopeless and overwhelmed. I’d say it’s because we actually tried climbing the ladder today and discovered that none of us can do it (scared of heights) which means we’re going to have to hire someone to paint at least the top half of the house (we can manage the shorter ladder) and needless to say with house taxes this month there is no way we have that kind of money, and with it being close to the end of painting season… It means another winter without painting. But, though it’s made me feel worse, it’s not the cause because I felt like this yesterday and the day before… I dunno. Maybe it’s just the seasonal depression (though that’s normally early and mid summer), but I just want to hide under the covers and tell everyone to f*** off (which is certainly not nice because no one has actually done anything to me past the normal household annoyances). I need to finish my stupid short story but I don’t even care about that. Maybe I’ll go back to doing my paper dolls for awhile. Drawing usually cheers me up when I get in a funk.
Hope you’re doing better than me.
Have a good one!
Jo 🙂

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