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Feeling Better

I mentioned being in a funk, but a few days break from stuff made me feel better. Where the house painting is concerned we are going to just try to get the bottom done (if it ever stops raining) and then try to save up over the winter to buy some scaffolding (the brother says he can do scaffolding and has done it before when he worked with my cousins at a drywall business) and so work on the top of the house next year. I’ve also caught up on the book covers I was working on – I’ll need to do more work tomorrow, of course, but for now I am caught up. I even have the paper doll dress posted for today – Now to try to do some writing…

As for those days off, we went on a family picnic on Saturday (I think it was. Things run together). Here’s some exciting photos from it:

Yes, I took my big camera! *gasp* My cellphone was actually dead that day and I left it dead. I think getting away from electronics is something we should all do more often. I think we’d be happier – I know I am, except that I miss the ability to “google” things – like who played so-and-so in a movie, or if Willie Nelson is really dead, or what medication I’m allergic to (There is actually a google result for that). I like being able to look up information whenever I want, but I want to break away from facebook and email and all of that crap.

Sadly, it looks like the future only holds more “connectivity”. We gte both Popular Science and Popular mechanics, and both are little more than “look at all these snazzy gadgets that are straight from a sci-fi movie that you know you need to be a sheep. Baaaaaaah.” I just want to scream, “We’ve seen the movie already, and we know how it ends! What is wrong with you?” But I know it won’t do any good. They’re too busy wanting all that cool tech the movie future promises without taking away the lessons. It’s damn terrifying, really.

Enough jabbering. I’m going to post this and then I might go to bed. I was going to write (as I mentioned) but Dad is watching Dr. Who and no way I can write with that on. I need an office. If only there was an extra room.

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

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