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80s Covers

I made it home alive. I even have some fun photos of Tablerock Lake and kittens to share if I get them taken off. Might not be until tomorrow though. I did get the short story finished I have been working on – it clocks in at 9,700+ words. Yeesh. Is it any good? I don’t know. It may well be very boring, but I’ve sent it to my two betas (doesn’t that make it sound professional? That really means Mom and the brother, but hey, why ruin the illusion?) and I’ll see what they say.

In the meantime Lotte Kestner’s version of Mr. Blue (originally by Yazoo in the 80s) has been driving me insane. Over and over again.

The lyrics to this song are amazing – especially the first and last verse:

“The winter sound is crying, like an old man slowly dying,
and the only sound: the wind that fills the trees
Even colder comes the moon
and though it never comes too soon,
the sudden stillness as the rainfall starts to freeze”



“I come to you at night
when all the world is sleeping tight
and lie beside you til the early morning dew
you can’t see me, you can’t hear me
but you feel me when you read the folded letter, she left addressed to you.”

The sad thing is that the original version, while having the same lyrics, loses the feel of them with synthesizers:

But the 80s did that. There’s a bunch of songs that have beautiful, melancholy lyrics smooshesd under synthesizers. Mad World is a prime example.

Here’s the cover:

and here is the original:

Another good example is Running up that Hill by Kate Bush and then Placebo – thankfully – got ahold of it (A lot of people actually redid it, but I think Placebo’s is the best).

Anyway, if you can’t guess I’ve been in a melancholy mood. I mentioned it a couple weeks ago, and it’s still hanging on. (Someone else has written a far better post than me about this condition,) I don’t know. At least I got the story written. Now to get book 8 going…

Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

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