At Least I Wrote a Sentence

NOTE: I wrote this last night but evidently did not post it. So you get it today. I wouldn’t even bother except I went to all the effort to type it, so…

Today it rained. No, it poured. And poured. And poured. All over my sort-of scraped house. Okay, only a piece of the house was sort of scraped – and it’s only sort of because the paint remover I put on did not work so well this time. Either A: it got wet, B: it got too cold C: it sat too long/not long enough or D: it was not applied thick enough. It worked wonders on the test section on the front porch, so I know the stuff works… *sigh*

I spent ALL day working on putting the anthology together. i already complained talked about my lack of accomplishments today over on the paper doll blog where Katelina got a cool coat, so I won’t rehash it. The pics of the flooded compost yard are on hubby’s phone, and he has not shared them with me yet. If he does I might stick them up tomorrow, though I don’t know. Photos and such are sort of a “moment of” thing nowadays. Tomorrow it won’t be relevant anymore because I (and everyone else) will have moved onto something new. It’s a symptom of our instant gratification/digital/globally connected-up-to-the-minute society. We can watch natural disasters all over the world in real time, so who wants to look at flooded compost yards two days after the fact?

I did get a blog award but they are hard to do on the phone so I will catch it tomorrow on the laptop.

Not much else. I wrote my sentence for the day. It’s a method that Juli over on the Williamson Vampires blog is trying. Most word counts for authors are 1,000+ words a day. Some days that is doable, but some days it’s not, and there are those of us (*ahem*me*) who, once they start missing the daily 1,000 word quota, will go “Oh well, I missed it this day, and this day, so why bother at all?” This method’s goal is to write one sentence a day – which there’s really no way not to have time for that – heck, I could text it to myself and there’s my sentence, so it’s pretty do-able –  without being limited to that one sentence. For instance today I wrote 260 words (or 27 sentences). When you look at that in contrast of the 1,000 word a day goal it’s pathetic, but when you look at it with the sentence a day.. Booyah! I rocked that! So it makes me feel a bit better – even if all that happened is the airplane landed and Xandria found out they are not anywhere near California (She’s never been to the U.S. before). I could have gone further but then I got worried – it’s an opening scene and there are a LOT of characters there (8 to be exact) and that felt like a LOT to introduce on page 1 – I usually like to start with just two or three and trickle the rest in slowly, but there’s not another good spot to open. Once they’re at their destination there will be even more characters, and before they leave for their destination there would be a bunch of characters seeing them off, who are not relevant to this book, so the plane seems to be the best starting point. Anyway, I got all concerned about that and started checking out how I had started my previous books. Book 6 starts with a multi-character scene in it, and no one complained that it was too confusing (in fact I got some compliments on its ability to stand alone) so I am going to just go ahead with the plane scene, confused people be damned!

This feels like it’s the length of a book itself so I am ending this here. Have a good one!

Jo 🙂

P.S. Here’s a scary Halloween photo:


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One response to “At Least I Wrote a Sentence”

  1. Juli Hoffman says :

    I’m happy for you! You got in there and wrote. Booyah!!!

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